There is no perfect relationship. All love stories come with certain obstacles. Difficult circumstances, social rules, social distance, in the end - lovers constantly have to overcome boundaries and break conventions. Together with the Eksmo publishing house, we have chosen for you five works that inspire romantic exploits and make you believe in true love.


Cara Barbieri wrote her fantasy young adult dilogy while she was undergoing treatment for depression and an eating disorder. The result is an unusual story of growing up about struggling with our complexes, recognizing a traumatic experience and, of course, about love.

The second - final - book "King of the Goblins" is set in Permafrost, where seventeen-year-old Janneke was taken into slavery by the goblins. The girl in love with the goblin Soren helps him get the throne, and she herself becomes the owner of magical powers. She alone has to go on a dangerous journey through the desert lands of the kingdom. She must stop the collapse of the worlds and get the opportunity to conclude an interspecific alliance with Soren, who saved her from a monstrous captivity and, in spite of everything, fell in love.


Mona Kasten has rightly won the title of the author of romantic bestsellers. Fans from all over the world compare her books to the works of Erica James and Anna Todd. The heroine of Kasten's new novel, nineteen-year-old Ellie Harper, moves to another city away from her family and painful memories. The girl wants to start life from scratch. Goes to another college, changes her hairstyle, makes new friends. There is only one problem: finding a cozy apartment, which will not be easy on a tight budget.

Ellie is extraordinarily lucky: her new acquaintance, Kayden, needs a neighbor. Alas, the charming guy presents the tenant with three tough rules. First: no chatter about your girlish problems. Second, no comment on his free nightlife. And third: you shouldn't even think about him in a romantic way. Ellie resignedly agrees, but soon realizes how good a friend Kayden is. No one in this world, except him, will understand her pains, fears, problems so well. To break one of the rules is to lose Kayden. But what if it's worth the risk?


Lena Sokol's novels are always sincere, heartfelt stories about strong feelings, which the main characters test for strength. “Charming monster”, at first glance, is a story about a good girl who falls in love with a bad boy. But this is not the case. Lena Sokol loves to play with stereotypes and invites readers to figure out for themselves who is conditionally good in the book and who is conditionally bad.

The owner of the nightclub Tim Levitsky behaves frankly rudely with the girls. He is used to using beauties for his nefarious purposes. When his charming new business partner Martha Kauffman puts Tim in his place with his nefarious courtship, the guy immediately begins to hate her. But Martha, like any girl, has her own traumatic past. She is not going to become vulnerable and share her secrets with her partner, but one day she will have to do it - only Tim can help her.


Russian crime thriller author Ana Sherri loves to experiment with genres. Readers love Ana's novels for their unexpected plot development and heart-breaking love-drama stories. Sherri's new novel "La Eliza" has received a million reads on the net. This is an unforgettable story set under the hot Spanish sun.

Vineyard owner Christian Fernandez is completely immersed in work after a failed marriage. Due to a difficult divorce, a man cannot come to his senses for a long time until the arrogant aristocrat Eliza appears in his field of vision. The girl is not particularly interested in the grape harvest, she needs to earn money as soon as possible to help her sister. By the will of fate, the heroes who disliked each other will one day find themselves together on a desert island. To survive, they will have to find a common language, which will be very difficult.


Emma Chase's love-erotic comedy "Prince Nicholas" will soon become a film. The film studio PassionFlix ("Mister 365", "Inferno Gabriela") is engaged in screening. In her novel, Emma Chase immerses readers in a delightful fairy tale with all genre attributes, only for those over eighteen.

28-year-old Nicholas Pembroke is to become king of the European state of Vesko. He lost his parents in childhood, and now the grandmother is forcing the guy to marry so that he can rule the country with dignity. A lover of female attention in despair: he decides to spend the last months of freedom in New York, where he meets a daring waitress Olivia. In response to the humiliating flirtation, the girl launches an apple pie at the prince, which especially attracts his attention. Nicholas falls in love for the first time in his life, although his grandmother is unlikely to appreciate his commoner bride. Cross the seas and countries, fight the paparazzi, forget about your royal origin and learn to earn by your own labor - Nicholas will do anything for the sake of his beloved. Even give up the crown in favor of love.