Hi guys, for today's article I wanted to do another fall related article, which I think are super fun in this period and can help you a lot finding different activities to do in fall !

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- Make apple cider

autumn, fall, and apple image
apple, autumn, and bourbon image

- Visit a corn maze

autumn, fall, and corn maze image

- Go apple picking

apples, fall, and autumn image

- Visit a chocolate factory

candy, chocolate, and food image drizzle and yum image artist, fashion, and illustration image chocolate, dessert, and sweet image brown, dessert, and food image chocolate, luxury, and perfect image

- Roast marshmallow

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fire, marshmallow, and photography image

- Go hiking

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- Read outside

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- Host a bonfire

fire, autumn, and fall image autumn, bonfire, and boyfriend image autumn, bonfire, and boyfriend image bonfire, burning, and flames image

- Make a "thankful for" list

fall, plates, and thanksgiving image autumn, brown, and holidays image

- Have a popcorn movie day

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autumn, cozy, and pumpkin image

- Visit a farm

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lavender, purple, and flowers image
brown grass, brown plant, and brown sunrise image

- Drive through the country

adventure, drive, and landscape image

- Try a new pumpkin recipe

cupcake and dessert image
pumpkin muffins
pumpkin and chocolate image
pumpkin cookies
autumn, fall, and food image
pumpkin pie
food, pasta, and spaghetti image
pumpkin pasta
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pumpkin macarons
banana, dessert, and bread image
pumpkin bread

- Go horse back riding

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- Make granola

banana, breakfast, and granola image
granola, peach, and healthy image
apple, Apple Pie, and granola image

- DIY a front door wreath

Image by Happy Halloween, Sydney!! 🎃🍁
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autumn, leaves, and fall image

- Visit a fall festival

fall, feeling, and festival image

- Have a picnic in the park

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autumn, fall, and leaves image
autumn, fall, and picnic image

- Have a fall photoshoot

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here you can find some cool ideas !

- Bake a pie

autumn and fall image

- Go on a bike ride

autumn, fall, and leaves image

- Join a book club

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book, autumn, and winter image
autumn, book, and coffee image

- Watch the sunset

Image by Melissa quotes, tea, and fall image

- Make a caramel smoothie

food, chocolate, and coffee image

- Have a family or friends game night

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dominos and game night image
board games, scrabble, and game night image

- Go on a nature hike

green, nature, and photography image

- Go camping

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campfire, camping, and coffee image
cabin and camping image

- Jump in leaf piles

Image by ꧁𓇊 𝕲𝖆𝖎𝖆𝖌𝖆𝖑𝖆𝖙𝖊𝖆 𓇚꧂
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- Watch a fall movie

leaves, autumn, and candles image

- Enjoy a foggy morning walk

autumn, dreamy, and field image

- Burn new candles

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
leaves image
autum, autumn, and autumn colors image

- Do a random act of kindness

compliment, kind, and quote image adorable, cuteness, and fall image

- Go thrift shopping

vinyl, music, and records image clothes, clothing, and flannel image

- Watch a new show

autumn, bed, and book image

- Try a new flavor of coffee

breakfast, caffeine, and coffee image
coffee, food, and morning image
hot cocoa, yummy, and hot ​chocolate image

- Visit a haunted house

dark, spooky, and Halloween image

- Pick blackberries

food, breakfast, and yummy image

- Take a walk in the wood

ferns, redwood, and redwood trees image
friends, travel, and forest image

- Drink hot chocolate

autumn, nature, and love image

- Decorate a leafless tree

light, autumn, and fall image

- See fireworks

bonfire night and sparkler image celebrate, fireworks, and sky image

- Cook an homemade soup

soup and copper kettle image

- Buy a new jumper

autumn, short shorts, and daisy dukes image aesthetic, fall, and sweatshirt image fashion, girl, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and girl image

- Do some outdoor photos

autumn, girl, and fall image
autumn, fall, and nature image
autumn, relax, and boys image

- Make new Thanksgiving food

Image by chinnaddington
christmas, christmas tree, and december image
autumn, Pumpkin Pie, and winter image

- Enjoy Fall !

autumn and fall image autumn, fall, and october image autumn, blonde, and fall image autumn and fall image