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Halloween is getting closer more than 3 days

so here a list of must watch movies

1-Hocus pocus

hocus pocus, Halloween, and witch image Halloween, hocus pocus, and 90s image 1993, bette midler, and gif image Halloween, hocus pocus, and movie image


autumn, Halloween, and fall image Image by 𝐺𝑖𝑢𝑙𝑖𝑎𝑛𝑎 𝐑𝐨𝐬𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐞 halloweentown image Halloween and movie image


casper, movie, and ghost image classics, Halloween, and casper image Image by Bon Endroit 90s, movie, and teen image

4-pratical magic

Halloween, movie, and Nicole Kidman image gif, movie, and Halloween image Nicole Kidman, sandra bullock, and pratical magic image dance, gif, and movie image

5-corpse bride

black and white, corpse bride, and tim burton image corpse bride, tim burton, and movie image love, quotes, and sad image corpse bride, tim burton, and piano image

6-It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Halloween, charlie brown, and peanuts image Halloween, pumpkin, and cartoon image charlie brown image Halloween, charlie brown, and peanuts image

7-Don't Look Under the Bed

disney, don't look under the bed, and ty image

8-e.t extraterrestre

E.T and film image et, funny, and movie image et and movie image E.T, film, and movie image

9-alice in wonderland

alicia, movie, and maravillas image Inspiring Image on We Heart It alice in wonderland, mad, and crazy image alice in wonderland, quotes, and fear image

10-little monsters

90's, gif, and movie image 1989, little monsters, and old movie image 1989, little monsters, and maurice image

11-the haunted mansion

disney, eddie murphy, and the haunted mansion image piano, aesthetic, and music image the haunted mansion and Jennifer Tilly image disney, eddie murphy, and the haunted mansion image

12-Monster and inc

boo, monster, and disney image disney, monsters inc, and pixar image disney, monsters inc, and pixar image monster&co image


80s, beetlejuice, and film image Image by Sofi Valencia ghost, grunge, and beetlejuice image beetlejuice and tim burton image

14-The addams family

movie and addams family image wednesday, poison, and grunge image 90s, aesthetic, and 80s image quotes, movie, and funny image

15-Mom Got a Date With a Vampire

Halloween, old, and disney channel image


alex, film, and Halloween image Halloween, movie, and twitches image Halloween, tia mowry, and magic image alex, film, and Halloween image

17-Harry potter

harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image harry potter and sirius black image harry potter, snape, and ron weasley image Image by Gayane

18-Double, Double Toil and Trouble

ashley olsen, heart, and soft grunge image Halloween, olsen, and twins image

19-Monster house

cartoon, Halloween, and monster house image monster house image monster house image black and white, animation movie, and gif image


coraline image coraline image coraline, edit, and header image coraline image


book, matilda, and quotes image matilda, movie, and family image matilda image matilda, 90s, and film image


brothers, vintage, and dw image bill murray, brothers, and ghost image film, Ghostbusters, and grunge image Ghostbusters image

23-the nightmare before christmas

Halloween, tim burton, and black and white image black and white, quote, and the nightmare before christmas image sally, tim burton, and Halloween image before, jack, and christmas image


frankenweenie and tim burton image black and white, cat, and frankweenie image quote and frankweenie image disney, tim burton, and sparky image

25-edward scissorhands

edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image 90's, remember, and autumn image johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and movie image johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and 90s image


Halloween and michael myers image Halloween image Halloween, horror, and michael myers image Halloween, michael myers, and halloween movies image

27-sleepy hollow

1999, christina ricci, and johnny depp image Image by lo🐻🐰🌙 sleepy hollow image autumn, Halloween, and fall image

28-The craft

The Craft, grunge, and 90s image The Craft, witch, and 90s image 90s, witch, and black and white image The Craft, witch, and 90s image


banner, saw, and pfp image film, amanda young, and gif image grunge image Image by Megan Lynn Hostetler

30-The exorcist

the exorcist image actor, actress, and Catholic image dark, horror movies, and film image demon, exorcist, and possessed image

31-Friday the 13th

horror, jason, and movie image 00s, horror, and 2000s image film, friday the 13th, and movies image film, friday the 13th, and movies image


Image by Lola Jennifer Tilly and tiffany image Chucky, gif, and movie image Image by Marjorie

33-texas chainsaw massacre

chainsaw, movie, and The Beginning image aesthetic, aes, and horror image horror and texas chainsaw massacre image 3d, chainsaw, and cinema image

34-nightmare on elm street

actors, Nightmare on Elm Street, and vintage image Image by ♡ ʚ✟⃛ɞ freddy krueger, Freddy, and horror image gif, movie poster, and Nightmare on Elm Street image

35-paranormal activity

paranormal activity, ghost, and black and white image paranormal activity image scary movie image horror and scary image


scream, drew barrymore, and knife image scream, horror, and billy loomis image 1990s, 1997, and 90s image 1996, 90s, and b&w image

37-The strangers

horror and movie image 2008, movie, and the strangers image Abusive image creepy, scary, and film image


films, Halloween, and horror image poltergeist image poltergeist, jobeth williams, and diane freeling image horror image

39-The sixth sense

The Sixth Sense and haley joel osment image bruce willis, The Sixth Sense, and haley joel osment image gif and black and white image black and white, gif, and boy image

40-The blair witch project

gif, movie, and tumblr image goth, book of shadows, and the blair witch project image creepy, forest, and horror image alive, blair, and project image


gif image carrie, 90s, and blood image carrie, film, and header image carrie image

42-the house of haunted hill

dark, house, and night image carla gugino, hill house, and netflix image

43-The amytiville horror

the amityville horror, margot kidder, and james brolin image gif and house image antique, ghost, and haunted image horror, black and white, and child image


black and white, dark, and insidious image insidious, scary, and demon image b&w, gif, and horror image memories, movie quote, and scars image

45-The shining

Halloween, films, and theshining image The Shining image 1980, The Shining, and wendy torrance image murder, grunge, and redrum image

46- the ring

evil, ghost, and horror image aesthetic, grunge, and dark image black and white, suicide, and The Ring image creepy, films, and gif image


signs and movie image

48-evil dead

80s, cinema, and Evil Dead image horror, scary, and Evil Dead image horror image blood, Evil Dead, and movie image

49-Final destination

cinema, horror film, and film image final destination 3 image horror, movie, and final destination image horror, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and Roller Coaster image

50-house of 1000 corpses

00s, horror, and erin daniels image 00s, horror, and rob zombie image house of 1000 corpses, sherri moon zombie, and karen black image house of 1000 corpses image

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