5 movies that will cheer you up after breaking up with your boyfriend 💔

We are not doctors, but we claim that these films are the best cure for depression.

We know firsthand how hard it is to go through a breakup, not plunge into an emotional crisis and not fall into depression. Have you cried a few buckets of tears already? Then it's time for rehab. And no more sadness: we have collected 5 life-affirming films for you, ideal for alleviating the mental suffering of love.

  • The Other Woman, 2014

For those who were cheated on (or the guy left for another)

The comedy is funny, but the situation is dire. The main character of the film (Cameron Diaz) finds out that her boyfriend was hiding something from her ... Wife! Unable to accept the fact that she was tricked, the deceived woman thirsts for revenge. And for her sake, she is ready to unite with the wife of the traitor and with another of his mistresses. An explosive mixture of offended girls who decide to grind the guy into powder. Girl Power!

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  • "500 days of summer", 2009

Many people think that this is a typical romantic melodrama about parting, but it is not! You definitely don't want to continue to be sad and sad after watching this tape, because the film sets up one clear wave: after the break, there is only one way out - to move on. You cannot be killed forever, someday melancholy will definitely let go and you will find your happiness.

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  • "Come on, goodbye!", 2012

We advise you to watch this film from the creators of "500 Days of Summer", because it reflects the feelings of every abandoned girl.

The plot is as follows: the heroine is abandoned by the groom right on the eve of the wedding. Despair, disappointment, depression ... When you find yourself on an emotional day, then know that there is only a way up. And from a tear-stained loser, the heroine turns into a "staunch tin soldier" who will set the world on fire, but first of all - to herself!

P.S. This is a comedy, so you can put your handkerchiefs aside.

  • Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001

The main idea that you will get from this famous comedy is this: even if you fell in love with a villain, do not despair. Send him “into the garden”, close one door and open another - for the prince who will definitely enter your life! It's a pleasure to follow the life of the cheerful (almost never) Jones, because we are all a little Bridget :)

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P.S. When you watch the first part, turn in the second and third - they are also the coolest!

  • Eastwick Witches, 1987

And this film, imbued with feminist sentiments, will help you realize that the light did not converge like a wedge on your ex-boyfriend. The three main characters of the tape dream of an ideal man, and they have one like this ... only one for three! A series of situations leads the heroines to the realization that a man is not the most important thing in life :)

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