Loneliness eats at my heart, tears building behind my eyes,

fears and worries gnawing my insides down to the bone

Why do I always feel like this?

Why does everyone leave me here alone?

No one knows me, no one seems to care

but is it their fault that I push away?

Or is it just mine?

I've accepted love and trust in all the wrong places,

wandering in the dark for things I can't seem to find

So many bad choices, so much darkness I took on willingly

Why did I do it to myself?

It wasn't until I found His love that I could breathe again,

that my soul could strive for more, for better

But the darkness still lives deep inside of me,

seeping out like ink on pages, staining my skin with its taint

I am much better than I used to be

but will I ever be completely okay?

Or will that darkness forever live on?


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