Halloween is here.

Am I the only one who loves this date?

This is incredible, I'm going to give you some little costume ideas for this year.

There are too many things you can dress up as, but it is true that we are tired of constantly seeing, year after year, the same costumes.

Here I bring you some new and different ideas.

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One of the ideas that is most fashionable now are fairies. With a fairy costume you will look beautiful and with that special magic touch.

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Of course, you are not going to be very scary hahaha.


Another idea that I find wonderful is the seer costume.

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I'm not sure if it belongs to the group of witches, but what I do have clear is that the handkerchiefs and coins will favor you more than a huge weevil hat.


What do you think of Medusa? AGHH!!

I love this costume, certainly one of my favorites, but I think I'm not following the Halloween theme much.

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Definitely the costumes I like the most aren't especially scary, but who cares? To me clearly not, and to the queen of disguise Kylie Jenner it seems that neither.

I have a clear conscience.


Another amazing idea, costumes of our favorite artists. It's ideal!

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You can choose your singer, actress or even your favorite chef, you just have to choose the outfit that you think best represents it and PUM!! You already have a costume for halloween.


And now let's go with the costumes in a group.

Without a doubt the funniest.

For these costumes you just have to count how many people your group of friends is made up of and see what famous group you want to become.

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There are so many brilliant ideas that I wouldn't know which one to choose. For couples of two, groups of three, four, five...


And finally I would add not as a disguise, but as a creative idea the amazing makeup made by some girls and boys that make my mind explode.

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A tip that I would give is that you choose a perhaps darker wardrobe, go dressed in full black so that in this way the makeup of your face stands out more, in case the "costume" only consists of this.


And that's it.
I hope you liked it and that you have a happy and chilling HALLOWEEN!!