if you are feeling mellow here are some songs for you

everything i wanted - billie eilish
โ†ณ nobody cried, nobody even noticed

who i am - nick jonas & the administration
โ†ณ i want a break of the madness, but it's all i have

lost in the cosmos - romantica
โ†ณ do you wanna go out in the moonlight?

dirty af1s - alexander 23
โ†ณ i took my heart to california now it doesn't work right

missing you - the vamps
โ†ณ maybe i should have loved harder

don't take the girl - tim mcgraw
โ†ณ take any boy in the world, but please don't take the girl

break the distance - ashton edminster
โ†ณ i wish i could get to you, see you face to face without a screen cutting through

flying or crying - zach bryan
โ†ณ who it was when we were younger before the world took our pride

machine - scott helman
โ†ณ your heart is more than a machine

favorite crime - olivia rodrigo
โ†ณ one heart broke, four hands bloody

la is lonely - ricky manning
โ†ณ i quit twice a day

i don't care - LANY
โ†ณ i don't care about you, you can say what you want

holding hands - early eyes
โ†ณ but at least i dress my best

new crowned king - cody simpson
โ†ณ when you know, you know

the other side - conan gray
โ†ณ faster than you could say i love you, goodbye

u could find - smoothboi ezra
โ†ณ i was so sure you were the fish for me

you're not sorry (taylor's version) - taylor swift
โ†ณ i've been giving out chances every time, and all you do is let me down

nothin' 2 - b o b b i e !
โ†ณ i don't wanna lose someone like you

when i look at you - miley cyrus
โ†ณ cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy

link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3zaU3rvt6gsxEbIXGUtENp?si=406bdda853bc477f