Essay on Children Observation

Sample Essay on Children observations In order to better understand the theories of human development learnt in class I decided to make an unobtrusive observation of children at play. I tried to observe the kids in the information settings and for that very reason would observe the kids playing soccer in the local park.

Age of children: approximately from 10 till 13 years of age. Gender: all males Time spent on observation: 60 minutes.

The observations were actually of great use to me in my attempt to understand the theories of development of children. Please refer to the list below of my recorded obesrvation related ot the group of children:

Children aged 10-13 years are ready and capable of getting in teams. As a matter of fact I was amazed at watching these kids playing combos, passing the soccerball from one to another in order to outwit the other team. And although, this was not any formal junior high soccer tournament, but rather a recreational game, children showed signs of understanding how teams work and seemed to like being a part of the given team. Children aged 10-13 years show respect for authority. Whenever the parents of children called them, they would give up the game and choose parents. Also, the kids would listen to the non-relatives adults after the game is over, rather than to remian with the team. Children under observation willfully form hierarchy. These kids just like many other human beings showed great respect for human strength and it was not suprising that the tallest and strongest kids (not fattest and biggest) were leaders (both formal and ifnormal) of the two teams that played soccer. Whenever, one failed to obey the commands of the leader, the leader would not hesitate to yell at the poor kid or even push him. Thus, I concluded that just like in the animal world, the kids aged 10-13 show respect for power and are motivated by the punishment (or avoiding it). Children are cruel. The children besides obeying the leadership from the strongest kid in the teams try to establish many other leadership positions based on force and strength. Thus, instead of every child obeying one strongest kid, they on the other hand try to find someone weaker than themselves and attempt to rule over that person. Despite the fact that everyone would listen to what the leader says, each kid would command someone who is weaker than himself. The cruelty is seen in the fact that ultimatley there is one weak and cowardly kid who is made fun of on a regular basis and is unable to somehow change the hierarchy because physically that kid is not fit to prove his position or perhaps too peaceful to do that. As a result of such power games, the most aggressive and physically fit appear to be always on top while the most peaceful and non-aggressive (not necessarily unfit or ugly) assume the lower level position in the hierarchy.

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