Long gone are the days when skinny jeans were the IT trend and a fashion staple in everyone’s closet. For a while considered to be the main piece of every outfit, so beloved with a nice shirt combo, in the last few years it has passed on the popularity crown to baggy jeans. Whilst personally I do enjoy the revival of baggy jeans and how flattering they look, I cannot help, but worry about the pairs of skinny trousers left to dust in my closet. I have a habit of seasonally going through my wardrobe and picking old piece of clothing I am no longer excited to wear to rest deep in the attic, but it seems so drastic to follow the trends blindly and completely flip my closet. My size has been the same for years now and some pairs of jeans I own are as good as new, so I've decided to revamp my moodboards instead and here are some ideas on how to style skinny jeans in 2021:

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Jeans and loafers:

Ankle length socks and loafers became one of the biggest fall 2021 trends and for a reason. It elevates any look and is incredibly comfortable and warm. Paired together with classic skinny jeans or a more relaxed mum jean fit, the outfit looks very business casual and chic without being too overdressed. Perfect for almost any occasion.

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Jeans and boots:

I’ve already mentioned that I personally enjoy the baggy jean trend right now, but they’ve got one massive downside, which is how I know we will never let go of our skinnies completely. That is the ugly wet weather when your trouser hem touches the floor and gets dirty as soon as you leave the house. I still recall what a nightmare it was when I was 10 and my star studded flared jeans were disgusting to even look at after a day out. All these years later I am not climbing up the trees or playing tag anymore, but I can imagine my trousers would look pretty similar today. That is why I am excited to pair my black ankle boots with my old fave mum jeans when it finally gets colder. I am particularly in love with how complimentary and chic the ankle cut looks together.

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Skinny jeans and blazers:

This outfit idea is definitely not new, but it is so overlooked in the sea of oversized blazers and baggy trousers combinations. Whether the blazer is cropped, oversized or tailored, skinny jeans are here to give the outfit structure and make it chicer. I personally enjoy this look a lot because skinny jeans accentuate your body shape under the blazer and create impressions of smooth movement rather than leaving the outfit lost of any shape or form. It is such an easy way to put together an elegant outfit without too much time and effort.

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Finally, turn your jeans into shorts:

If you are not a fan of either of those looks and it’s not really your style, do not rush to throw your jeans too soon. Do a closet cleanout and hide those trousers for the next warm season when you can turn your jeans into fun shorts. It might sound so overdone and boring, yet I remember cropping charity jeans into shorts during a sudden heatwave last summer and then having my roommates steal the shorts since surprisingly they looked so flattering! You can crop them for a longer or a shorter fit, distress them, and then pair them with crop tops or pastel jumpers for a fun outfit.

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Trends seem to go in and out of fashion faster than seasons move and makes it almost impossible to keep up and keep changing our wardrobe accordingly. That is why it’s somuch more fun to work on your personal style and incorporate new trends into your closet while reworking with what you already have. I hope this article inspired you to be a little more sustainable and re-wear what you currently own.

If you have any comments or ideas, message me! I would love to chat and hear your thoughts. 😊

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Love, Laura