Halloween is in literally 8 days and I'm in the mood of the event even though I usually don't go to halloween parties etc and I spend that day with friends to watch movies and eat lot of sweets, as if I don't eat sweets and candies all the time already.
But I was looking at some costumes and I was thinking ''yeah I'd like to wear them''.

These are a few costumes that I like:

girl, angel, and Halloween image costume, joker, and girl image cosplay, Jessica Rabbit, and red image autumn, costumes, and fall image
icon, girl, and maggie lindemann image halloween costume, princess, and sleeping beauty image costume, disney, and Halloween image autumn and weheartit image princess, kylie jenner, and disney image costume, Halloween, and harley image

These are just a few I'd like, there are so many good halloween costumes but the list would be too long!