october 21st

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author: nella larsen
year: 1929
160 pages

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as i told in my last weekly review article, i joined netflix book club and the first book to be reading, is passing by nella larsen.
it's a short book that tells the story of two black women who 'pass' as white women, and one day the things gets heavy for them.
i loved this book because it introduced me into things i haven't heard of before. i have never heard of the passing word before and interesting to learn about it.

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in this story, clare did eveything she could to hide her black origin and acted like a white woman. she married a racist white man too. she even was ok with racists slurs, because she was so afraid of him knowing she was, in fact, a black woman,
just imagine how awful it was to live in a pretty racist world, that someone rather act wrong that being related to black people. it's so sad!
she regrat once she met irene, after many years. irene was acting freely. she had a loving husband and good childs. clare wanted her wealth but also live freely spending time with black people. she did tho. she started to go to dances, and parties. everything was a secret of course! jack could never know!

he did indeed. he showed up in a party. he confronted clare because of lying about her race. she felt relief i guess, because all she wanted at the end of the book was being free. and finally she got it. even tho she said many times that it was ok with her to fake it, irene knew that it was not like that.

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at the end, clare rather throw herself thru the window that face the fact that her super racist husband knew that she was a black woman. and this part of the story felt like a bucket of iced water to me.
she was so afraid of living as a black woman that she choose to kill herself. it's sad to think how awful was living in this era because doesn't matter what you did, everyone will hate toward you. it would lead to a era when even breathing in the incorrect space would be condemned. it's so sad to think about a era where the racial segregation was a real thing. i can't believe that we really acted that way. it makes me sick!

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i can't side with neither of irene or clare in this one.
i undertsand why irene was offended. it bothered her that clare was all okay with the mistreat of her husband toward black people, the fact that she didn't say anything but agreed when jack said slurs even tho he was surrounded by three black woman. and of course, i'm just not leading to brian's matter.
i also understand clare because she knew that living as a black woman wouldn't take her anywhere, or at least anywhere she wanted to be. she did what she thought it was correct to have the life she desired. we never stopped thinking what it meant to her being afraid of showing who she truly was. we don't know what it meant to her be a betrayal to her black family, but we do know what led her to act as she did: fear. fear of being mistreated, for being doomed, excluded. i can't stop thinking about it.


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luckily we are trying to make the world a little bit better today. racism it's not okay and it never was. we are as good as everyone is doesn't matter the color of our skin, our sexuallity or the country we came from. we are humans and we want to be treated as it.
remember to be kind today, and everyday.
remember to stand up for those who lost their voices.