After many years of having black hair, my original hair color, I decided to change and dye my hair with 3 colors before deciding it was the best to just have dark purple hair as bleaching and constantly dying my hair was damaging them.
But It was nice to see myself for years with different hair colors.
These are the colors I dyed my hair in the last years:


fuchsia, hair, and cabello image
I loved this color so much on my hair and I miss it, but it was really hard to keep as I had to use fucsia hair products all the time when the color was going away after washing them many times.


hair, red, and red hair image
Another color I miss a lot and that I totally loved but I insist that red/fucsia are hard colors to keep for who was born with dark hair.


hair, purple, and purple hair image
This hair color was absolutely more easy to keep with my dark hair as you can cover it with different purple hair dye to turn your hair a bit darker and keeping them like that to not ruin them all the time by dying them constantly.

I just envy seeing many girls with nice colors on their hair but I had to accept that it doesn't work for me, so yeah I'm still satisfied with my purple hair instead of black as I got tired of that color after many years.