It's the birthday of a friend or a person you don't know that well and you're thinking about what gift to buy?
Here I'm suggesting some safe gifts ideas for the occasion and that the majority of people may appreciate.


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Many people like keychains and they think about changing them at least once a year, so why not gifting one for this person's birthday?


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In shops they usually sell gift sets including shampoo, conditioner, lotion, hair and face mask and such and it's always a safe gift to give that people may like and you know they will make a good use of it.


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I would be more than happy to receive any gift card especially for shops and I suppose many other people may appreciate a gift like this, so they can enjoy some shopping by themselves instead of receiving a shirt by someone and then not liking it to the point they have to go and change it.


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Yes mugs are another perfect gift as we all have our breakfast with a mug and having another one is always useful if we break the other one instead.

I gifted these things to many people,I never failed and it's nice to give something useful that friends may use in the future. I don't advice perfumes as gifts, I like them but what if the person won't like the flavour of a type of perfume? Yeah....better avoiding them except if you buy the same perfume a friend usually uses!