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If you were to ask people what their idea of a "perfect day" is, you'd probably get a variety of different responses as everyones idea of a perfect day differs depending on the person.

As I love this time of year, I thought I'd write about my idea of a perfect Autumn day.

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My perfect Autumn day would start with waking bright and early on a sunny but cold morning and going for a walk through little woodland areas. I love getting out when it's early enough to still see the frost covering the ground. I love going for walks at this time of year when it's sunny outside because everything looks so pretty and golden. Getting out for a walk in the morning is definitely my favourite way to start a day as I feel it leaves me feeling more ready for the day ahead.

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After a walk, I would make a hot coffee and watch a couple episodes of whatever show I was into at the moment. Recently I've been loving 'Heartland' and 'Stranger Things' - I feel that they both have cozy, Autumn vibes which are perfect for this time of year. For more of a 'horror' vibe, my go-to has been 'The Haunting of Hill House'.

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In my perfect Autumn day, I'd save the afternoon for doing various activities such as baking or crafting things. I'm not much of a baker but I'd have a go at making some Halloween themes bakes. Another thing I used to really love doing this time of year was working on making my own halloween decorations so I'd definitely include diy-ing decorations into my perfect Autumn day. Since it's coming up to Halloween, I'd definitely want to carve a pumpkin and then roast the seeds cinnamon-spiced.

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By the evening time, I'd go for a hot bath and take a book to read (my favourite form of self-care). I'm currently reading 'The haunting of Hill House;' by Shirley Jackson and have really been enjoying it. Definitely a good read for this time of year. I'm definitely a "time of year" reader - as in I pick my books based on the current time of year/what kind of mood I'm in.

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To round off the day, i'd settle myself into the living room, grab lots of blankets, make a hot chocolate and stick on some movies.

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What would be your idea of a perfect Autumn day?

Bye for now, xo

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