hey! today's idea comes from my favorite YouTube that I started watching through quarantine: Caitlyn Marie -I'll leave the link to her channel below. her last video in her personal channel was to share, in different areas as books, movies, tv shows, YouTube creators and music, things that make her feel cozy in fall.
where I live, I'm staring spring, but still wanted to share with you my picks for comfort and peace.

let's begin!

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tv shows ๐Ÿ›

  • 'full house' [1987-1995]
I stated watching this show in my last year of high school and it meant everything to me. I loved the dynamic of the Tanner family, and when the family started expanding it never got to a down side. I related to Stephanie so much, and watching Michelle grow up was such an amazing thing to watch.
  • 'merlin' [2008-2012]
it's such an amazing fantasy show. the dynamics between merlin and Arthur are my favorites, the laughs are guaranteed and even some crying.
  • 'big time rush' [2009-2013]
this was my favorite show growing up so, of course it would be my comfort show. the storyline of the characters, the laughs and the music was such an incredible thing for me. I still watch this show when I'm with loads of college work.
  • 'brooklyn nine-nine' [2013-2021]
I'm not a huge fan of comedy, but this show stole my heart since the beginning. every time I need a quick laugh I go back to it. Jake & Amy are my couple goals, and Gina and captain Holt are my role models. I just love them so much.
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content creators ๐Ÿ›

  • caitlyn marie reacts: channel
my favorite channel on YouTube that I found because of quarantine. caitlyn shares her thoughts on different singles and albums by multiple artists. what I love about her is her vibe and the way she values music. it's my comfort channel since I found it.
  • jack edwards: channel
i also found him through quarantine, but he talks about books. his videos are so aesthetic, his British accent makes my day, and his themes are so interesting to watch without any breaks.
  • 'supernatural parody' 1&2 by the hillywood show
this videos are such an amazing way to recharge. I love 'supernatural', so watching a parody by people who also love the show, and to see the actors be a part of it -it's just great! every time I'm down I go to it for a laugh and hug.
  • 'lip sync battle - tom holland'
an iconic video. that's it. it gives me so much confidence and such a laugh.
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  • 'the hobbit' by JRR Tolkien [1937]
  • 'the chronicles of narnia: the horse and his boy' by CS Lewis [1954]
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I decided not to share my comfort movies that are animated because they're, a lot. but enjoy my human favorites!
  • 'the lord of the rings' trilogy [2001-2003]
this saga is so important for me because I grew up with them. I was literally a year old when I started watching them and even now, with 20 years in my pocket, I never get bored of them. they're my happy place, and where I tend to turn to when life is a mess. thank you dad, for the most fantastic and epic world of my life.
  • 'Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets' [2002]
this one is not my favorite from the saga, as you know if you read my article about it -it's on my 'movie collection' if you want to read it. but I love it so much because you can already see the growth in the characters, but still is that magical and, almost, sunny world of magic.
  • 'the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch and the wardrobe' [2005]
this one is a no-brainer when it comes to choose my comfort movies. I mean, is this even an answer without it? I love this movie. in here I had my first crush -important for my teenage and adult self-, but also felted loved and not alone. it was like I was part of the pevensie siblings, and I loved it.
  • 'tolkien' [2019]
when I went to see this on cinema I thought a different thing. I went in with the idea that I was going to get to know and understand a little bit about one of my favorite authors, but instead, I left the cinema with such a beautiful, happy and hopeful self that I never felted with any movie before. I know is kind of random, but it just did.
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  • 'the shire' ; 'concerning hobbits' by howard shore
the shire, as itself, is my comfort place and this songs lets me be a part of that world through 3-4 minutes. is the place I connected to the most with the feeling of being happy and at peace, and I saw it since I was very little. this song, for me, is the embodiment of that place and emotion, and I hope it helps you too to feel like I felted the first time listening to that song.
  • playlist 'sunflower'
in there I keep all the songs that brings me joy, not all of them are danceable or karaoke worth it, but they still bring me happiness and comfort on cloudy days. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/31Ry2dqWCxFTpYzFjzSGd0?si=4f35c1fd87864280
  • playlist 'autumn leaves'
and, because for the north readers is autumn now, I'll end this with my autumn playlist, not for promotion or anything, but because I feel like I received a hug from my coffee and reading every time I put it on shuffle. I'm kind of proud and, also, surprised every time I hear this or any song, for the power that it holds. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2ET40OCQzZ31UIhDIIzF1p?si=7ab5134075794211
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thank you so much for reading! I was kind of doubting if I posted this article, but seeing that so many people that follow Caitlyn Marie watched the video, it made me feel quite confident about it. hope to see you on my next article!
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