hey, you all I thought it would be nice to give you an update about songs I rlly like atm (honestly not rlly a clue how to call it but you get the drill)
Hope you enjoy it! (ps my Spotify is in my bio)

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party songs

don't stop the music - Rihanna
memories - David Guetta, kid cudi
hard times - Paramore
international love - pitbull
I gotta feeling - black eyed peas
W.T.P - Eminem
high enough - K.Flay, RAC
you make me feel - cobra starship, sabi
she doesn't mind - sean paul
somebody that I used to know - Gotye, Kimbra
the time - black eyed peas
just dance - lady gaga
on the floor - Jennifer Lopez, pitbull
meet me halfway -black eyed peas

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sad songs

the night we met - Lord Huron
another love - tom odell
how to save a life - the fray
mad world - gary jules
runaway - aurora
eyes can't hide - extreme music
every breath you take - the police
bad day - daniel powter
rolling in the deep - adele
someone like you - adele
when we were young - adele
love in the dark - adele
Skyfall - adele

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calm songs

lights are on - tom rosenthal
in my head - bedroom
bags - clairo
no one here - the 88
all & sundry - jesse Gallagher
sunsetz - cigarettes after sex
for the first time - mac demarco
limerince - yves tumor
thelema - ofdream
time machine - WILLOW
I love you so - the walters
when I R.I.P - Labrinth
formula - labrinth

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fall songs

roslyn - ben pellow
angel baby - troye sivan
your women - white town
je te laisserai des mots - Patrick watson
duvet - boa
bloom - the paper kites
from the dining table - harry styles
beige - yoke lore
august - taylor swift
California dreamin' - the mamas & the papas
back to autumn - tall heights
we fell in love in October - girl in red
million little reasons - oscar lang
through a glass - henry jamison
these days - wallows
evil women - electric light orchestra
tiger striped sky - roo panes
firebird lane - levitation room

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amazing songs

lost in the fire - the weekend, gesaffelstein
dark red - steve lacy
not around - nova
never leave you lonely - lord fubu
the red means I love you - madds buckley
new girl - labrinth
stargirl interclude - the weekend, lana del rey
million dollar men - lana del rey
black out days - phantogram
runaway - aurora
the greatest - lana del rey
how to disappear- lana del rey
need to know - doja cat
insane in the brain - cypress hill
November was white, December was grey - say hi

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okay, that is it for today I hope you enjoyed it and like my playlist recommendations:) If you did give it a heart!