hey, you all I thought it would be a cute idea to write about what I do when I have zero motivation and feel like a burden to the world. So basically what I do on a lonely or even sad day:) Hope you enjoy it!

shower and skincare

I start off by trying to get enough energy to take a shower and in general to do my skincare. I shave, put on body lotion, and then I shave my face (with those little face shavers) and clean up my eyebrows:)

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dyeing my eyebrows and hair

ok before I come to that point my hair is naturally like a lightish brown kind of and I recently decided that I prefer my hair in a darker brown. So last 'self-care day' (that honesty sounds ridiculous) I dyed my hair rlly dark brown and I was rlly happy because before doing that I spontaneously went to get the hair dye and bc I still had time until my bus came I stopped at a book store and got two books:)) Then I went home and dyed my hair and that made me rlly happy bc I just came out of a depressive episode (which lasted a few months) Anyway then I decided that I also needed to dye my eyebrows so I did and I am obsessed with the new look:)

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listening to good music

so I've been recently loving the Spotify playlist 'romanticizing fall' by emelyzoe (a friend of mine recommended it) and I love the playlist sm. Fall music or Lofi songs are the best type of music to calm me down when I am having a rough time.


getting ready

I love getting ready after I showered and all so I usually do my make-up and put on a chill outfit (different than my PJs) and then I try to start the day...

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cleaning my room

Then I usually decide that my room needs a clean-up. So a few days ago I decided to deep clean my entire room and that genuinely made me so happy and feel rlly productive:)) I also painted my shelves, my wall and build a bookshelf because I really needed one. In general, being productive and motivational can be really helpful to get out of the hole.

watching good movies or shows

atm, I am obsessed with watching Grey's Anatomy and now that S3 of YOU is out I am so excited and can't wait to start watching it!

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meeting close friends or family

meeting up with People again can really help you to not feel as lonely and you all can do something fun like go to a restaurant or a cafe or cinema maybe. Or if you just want someone to talk to maybe call them or video chat them! I am sure they will be happy you called:)

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Okay, that is it for today, I hope I could help you a little bit and maybe motivate you a little bit. It will get better and just remember that you are not alone even if you feel like the only person in the world there are people out there who experience the exact same as you right now! If you need someone to talk to my messages are always open:)

Hope you liked it, give it a heart if you did!


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