There are several types of designs:

  • Plain
  • Combined of 2 or more colors
  • With pictures
  • With inscriptions
  • With a complete seal

Why should every woman have a T-shirt?

In every women's wardrobe, there is a considerable number of T-shirts of different styles and prices. It is customary to think that this thing belongs to ordinary everyday objects, but today it is not. The desire to look stylish and boldly approach the creation of an image will help a woman combine this wardrobe element with numerous things of different styles. For example, a cotton T-shirt will look attractive and bright for a bold look. The main thing is to be creative. Therefore, do not underestimate the advantages of a T-shirt; at first glance, unremarkable clothing can participate in a unique combination with other items.
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How to choose Basic T-shirts For Women?

A properly selected basic wardrobe is essential for any woman. You can do without designer shoes or branded items, but important wardrobe items are not a luxury but a necessity. You shouldn't save on them. The main wardrobe necessarily includes a casual T-shirt, made of high-quality cotton, made according to perfect patterns. She should sit strictly on the figure, not frown anywhere. Protruding threads, asymmetry, translucent fabric are unacceptable. The main thing in a basic T-shirt is the quality of the material and tailoring.

The combination of contrasting textures looks stylish. Try wearing a basic long sleeve t-shirt with leather pants. Throw on a cardigan or long jacket. A pair of heeled shoes, a trendy bag, and laconic sunglasses will help complete the look.

What is the most popular t-shirt in the new season?

Stop at pastel palettes and rich natural colors, for everyday and office wardrobe - classic black, grey, and white. You choose a T-shirt with a slogan depends on where you are going to wear it. The main thing is to read what is written on it carefully. If you cannot translate the hieroglyphs, do not take risks to get into a stupid situation.
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