Playlist inspired by the game Doki Doki Literature Club // Yandere vibes


1- Play Destroy - Poppy

pink, cute, and kawaii image anime, yandere, and yancore image

2- Class Fight - Melanie Martinez

Image by ⠀ badass, guns, and pastel image

3- Notice - Moe shop

cute, love, and meme image anime, themes, and natsuki image

4- Body - Mother Mother

theme, spotify, and volcanhoe image crybaby, melanie martinez, and k-12 image

5- Claws - Charli XCX

aesthetic, pink, and soft image anime, kawaii, and neko image

6- Digital Girl - KIRA, Hatsune Miku

pink and aesthetic image creepy, dating sim, and natsuki image

7- Painkiller - Beach Bunny

banner and header image Image by kawaii kanye west

8- Test Me - Melanie Martinez

pale, pastel, and pink image girl, hair, and pink image

9- Saccharine - Jazmin Bean

Abusive image archive, messy, and my melody image

10- Oblivion - Grimes

pink and aesthetic image love, heart, and neck image


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