Why do you like or follow Ariana Grande?
I have written the reasons why people like Ariana Grande so much.

I love Ariana for so many reasons and one of the main reasons is her personality in general and fashion style. She is such a laid back person and always is very happy and content with her life. She is so genuinely nice to everyone around her.

I started to like her more when I watched her Nickelodeon television series Victorious (2010–2013) and Sam & Cat (2013–2014). She is so funny.

1. Her Ponytail
2. Her Groundbreaking Track: thank u, next
3. Her Benefit Concert
4. Her LOVE for Cozy Sweaters
5. Her Iconic Yellow Sweater + Red Lollipop Look
6. Her Support of Other Artists
7. Her Adorably Stylized Tweets
8. Her Bond with Longterm Friends
9. Her GRAMMY Dress
10. Her LOVE for her fans
11. She is the BIGGEST Pop Star on the Planet!
12. Her Strength
13. Her LGBTQ+ Support
14. Her Diva Attitude
15. Her Amazing Impersonations Of Other Celebrities
16 .Her Unique Voice etc.......