Favorite TV show

stranger things image 90s, boy meets world, and subtitle image young royals image gay, karaoke, and lgbt image
Stranger Things, Boy Meets World, Young Royals, Love Victor

Favorite reality TV

the circle, netflix, and season 2 image
The Circle

Favorite character

eric and sex education image Image by itspuchita crown, brooklyn nine nine, and gina linetti image quotes image
Eric (Sex Education), Malia (Teen Wolf), Gina (Brooklyn Nine-Nine), Winston (New Girl)

Least favorite character

isolation, loneliness, and quotes image glee and emma pilsbury image meme, mood, and reaction image carol, serie, and caryl image
Elsa (Atypical), Emma (Glee), Grace (Grace and Frankie), Carol (The Walking Dead)

Favorite relationship

netflix, asa butterfield, and netflix show image boy meets world, funny, and quotes image
Otis an Eric's friendship, Eric and Jack's secret romance (don't @ me!!)

A character you would love to play

Image by S,🌻 the 100 image
Raven (the 100)

A character you should hate but love

csi, john murphy, and gif image john murphy and the 100 image
Murphy (the 100)

A show you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving

simon, wilhelm, and young royals image autumn, simon, and omar rudberg image
Young Royals <3

A show that didn't live up to your expectations

Amazon, jim halpert, and netflix image the office, quotes, and funny image
The Office

Favorite mini series

trinkets, brianna hildebrand, and quintessa swindell image couple, moe, and gif image

Favorite Netflix original

simon, sunset, and wilhelm image simon, young royals, and yr image
Young Royals

A TV show you abandoned after several seasons

the cw, murphy, and the hundred image Image by S,🌻
The 100

A show you've seen several times

glee image jess, nick, and winston image Image by Gayane friends, courtney cox, and Jennifer Aniston image
Glee, New Girl, HIMYM, FRIENDS

Worst series finale

Image by Gayane cry, himym, and how i met your mother image
HIMYM - need I say anything???

A show everyone should watch

fivel stewart, casey garner, and atypical image fivel stewart, casey garner, and atypical image

A show everyone loves but you don't

jason, tacos, and tahani image aesthetic, comedy, and human image
The Good Place

Favorite childhood show

hannah montana and miley cyrus image selena gomez and david henrie image
Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place

A fictional crush

fivel stewart, casey garner, and atypical image fivel stewart, casey garner, and atypical image
Casey, Atypical
new girl, jake johnson, and nick miller image gif, tv show, and WREN image
Ryan, New Girl