7. Tyler Durden

madison beer image madison beer, black and white, and beauty image
"I'm in love with Tyler Durden, that's why this shit ain't never working"

6. Teenager In Love

madison beer image madison beer and photoshoot image
"You make me feel like a teenager in love and you make me feel like I'll be forever young"

5. Say It To My Face

girl, instagram, and madison beer image celebrities, madison beer, and say it to my face image
"I'm just asking you to say it to my face"

4. Fools

madison beer, singer, and madison image madison beer, singer, and madison image
"Don't you know baby? Only fools stick around when the love is gone."

3. HeartLess

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"I never learn, so maybe it's my fault. I always love, I love you too hard."

2. Home With You

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"I ain't got time for no games, tell me what you like but it's never gon' change"

1. Dead

madison beer image dead and madisonbeer image
"I give you so many shots but you just drinking 'em all."