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To the Crime and Mystery lovers who know this element very well as the killing tool by women. Agatha Cristie didn't reference it for nothing as it was truly used by women to get rid of their spouses like Vera Renzci to get her 35 corpses in her cellar. But the thing is even today in 2021 you could get poisoned without even knowing it as environmental contamination since it is found in glass, pigments ( beware artist ), tobacco smoking, and seafood. It is used in hardening metal and is contaminating other metals. Also, It is used as Insecticide, rodenticide, and fungicides ( The ideal source of arsenic from which the killers get it) which could get in our food.

Arsenic exists ubiquitously in both organic and inorganic forms as trivalent As3+ Arsenite which is more toxic than pentavalent As5+ arsenate. When absorbed, the inorganic As distributes in the body after 24 hours. Arsenic is stored in the liver, kidney, heart, and lungs. A lower amount is observed in muscle and neuronal tissue. Arsenic may also replace phosphorous in bone tissue and be stored for years. ( So yes, in cases where the body is exhumed, they can still find arsenic)

How does arsenic work as poison?
1. arsenic irritates the skin, mucous membrane, respiratory tract, and gastrointestinal tract.
2. It inhibits around 200 enzymes involved in the cellular energy pathway, DNA synthesis, and repair, etc through binding to sulfhydryl group thus disrupting cellular metabolism and gene expression
3. It causes oxidative stress i.e produces free radicals which attack cells
4. It interferes with cell signal transduction
5. It alters ion flux across the membrane

Stay tuned for the next article on arsenic. It will talk about symptoms, acute and chronic effects of arsenic