hiiiii i saw this concept and i wanted to try since i love writing songs. i got inspired by this article:

DISCLAIMER: all the songs are written by me

my first album would be a full album with 11 tracks. it's called the things i never said and my stage name would be DaNa
this album is very personal since these are the things I never said to the people I wrote these songs for but the songs are still relatable for everyone. it's talking about one-way love, regrets, loneliness... etc.

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front cover
Image by H E L L O B I T C H E S

1. guys don't give a shit

aesthetic, boy, and cigarette image willow smith image
it's about always liking boys who doesn't care about you and being attracted to what's toxic for you. you know exactly that it's not good for you but you keep holding on

some lyrics

I want him and I want him too
But it doesn't matter because they don't care
I shouldn’t complain, I’m the one to blame, it ain’t new
But I’m still looking for something deep and rare

similar songs soundwise

  • the king; conan gray
  • jealousy jealousy; olivia rodrigo

2. selfish

aesthetic, grunge, and hand image car, blue, and light image
trying to move on from a manipulative and toxic person and realizing the kind of person they were

some lyrics

Picking fights for something you started
Then disappeared like we never existed
What about all the things we did?
Never knew that you would be this selfish

similar song soundwise

  • blue; keshi
  • more; keshi

3. really miss u

ghost image eyes, aesthetic, and grunge image
when all you want is this person again but you know that it's too late and it's all your fault

some lyrics

Everything about u used to drives me crazy
So why did I do this?
Nothing’s right when you’re not here
In this darkness all I feel is fear
Just wanna disappear

similar songs soundwise

  • shouldn't said it; julia michaels
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4. boy

model, motorcycle, and school girl image bathroom, black, and fashion image
a badass song about finally feel nothing for the person who keeps coming back after letting you down

some lyrics

I’m not even surprised you changed your mind
You just realized that you were too blind
Now it’s like you’re obsessed with me
But tell me, this time is it for real ?

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  • beaulieu; eddy de pretto
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5. i have to forget u

aesthetic, city, and car image tattoo, aesthetic, and legs image
you knew from the start this person was going to hurt you but you kept hoping that they would change

some lyrics

Wish I never met him
My world became so grim
Wish I hadn't gone that far
Tell me who you think you are ?

(i actually posted the full lyrics here):

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6. at the end of july

friends, aesthetic, and alternative image Image by Agathe
it's about a one-sided love, you can't move on even though you know they never felt the same

some lyrics

I saw you’ve met someone new
I took some time to admit that it was true
The things that you never felt for me
Hope she’s the one I couldn’t be

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7. care about you

Image by STEPHANIE<$ love, couple, and aesthetic image
still caring way too much about someone of your past

some lyrics

I still care way too much about you
I have all these questions every day
Like is your family better than before?
Do you still listen to our songs too?
Did they become true, all those dreams you used to say?

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8. that pain

cold, random, and retro image alternative, archive, and theme image
feeling lost and confused about your life

some lyrics

I don’t wanna feel that pain
And I know I fall down again
I think something’s wrong
I wish I could’ve been strong
My life’s a fuckin mess
And I feel all this stress

similar songs soundwise

  • don't wanna think; julia michaels
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9. wanna know why

aesthetic, archive, and black image dark, aesthetic, and night image
falling for someone who played you but realizing that you just fell for the idea you had of them

some lyrics

I should’ve listen to my friends
But I was so blind by this idea of you
I even forgot where i was going to
Cause I kept ignoring all those warning signs
And now I know it was only in my head
Cause I fell in love with fakes scenarios

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10. a kinda sad song

aesthetic, dark, and pale image Temporarily removed
being in love with someone who is taking you for granted, you know it but you stay even though you keep being more and more hurt

some lyrics

I close my eyes and count up to 3
Tell me why don’t you want me
I’m so tired of having someone who isn’t mine
The more i hear it, the more my heart tears
It’s damaged after all these years
I’m so tired of having someone who isn’t mine

(posted the entire lyrics here):

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11. lonely

Temporarily removed girl, dark, and night image
that feeling of loneliness when everyone around you finds love but you, wanting to fall in love
I love myself, never needed nothing else
But still wish there could've been someone else
To hold me tight late at night
Cause loneliness hits too hard every night

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that was so fun to do i hope you enjoyed

cover image :

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