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Witches or vampires?

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I love both but I'll go with Vampires. <3

What is your favorite hot drink?

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Tea is my general favorite especially black tea but I drink pumpkin spice latte too in Fall.

What movie do you watch to prepare for Halloween?

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Good Will Hunting, Halloween, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Trick or Treat, Monster House, Hubie Halloween. If you haven't watched any of these, please do and enjoy life more.
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And I'll try watching Twilight :,) (No offense to the lovers it's just I haven't watched it yet, sorry)

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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I live in Turkey so, no. But I would loveee to dress up for the occasion. My friends would celebrate it this year, I would have a chance then.

Do you watch scary movies?

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I usually don't watch them alone but my sister likes to watch so I watch with her. And if the group I'm with watches then I have no problems with watching.

Which scent reminds you of autumn?

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Cinnamon and peppermint.

Can you remember your first Halloween costume?

I've never had one as I said :(

What song reminds you of autumn?

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Almost all songs of Hozier, Deniz Tekin, Cigarettes After Sex, The >Neighborhood, and Sufjan Stevens,
Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1 - Chopin,
Photograph and Thinking out Loud - Ed Sheeran,
Clair de Lune L.32,
Melancholy Man - The Moody Blues, and let me put the link to the playlist that got me addicted.

Which book reminds you of autumn?

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Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali. It's in Turkish, my main language. Even if you are not familiar with Turkish Literature you should read it. It isn't hard to read.

What's your go-to outfit on cold October days?

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Mostly dark-chaotic academia, ancient times, k-pop inspired, chic, avant-garde, and dark tones.

If you could time travel for this Halloween which year would you travel to trick or treat?

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I've never experienced a trick or treat so I would like to travel to the year that trick or treat has been explored.

Do you bake? What is your favorite to bake in Autumn?

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Pumpkin and carrot cake. I'M O B S E S S E D.

Can you share one thing that you would like to happen this Autumn?

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Getting good grades as I'm a freshman at university. lmaooo

Cozy socks or scarves?

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I'll go with scarves, thanks to my aching throat.

Big blankets or an oversized sweater?

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Big blankets because they're cozy :,)

It is the night of Halloween: are you snuggled up in your bed, out partying or trick-or-treating?

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Probably partying. ooooffff just thinking about it makes my day better.

Do you prefer the sound of rain or crunchy leaves?

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Cliche but rain.

Will you try the haunted house or the corn maze this year?

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I don't know what corn maze means but I'm scared of the haunted house at the same time. Neither of them, sorry.

Candy apples or apple pie?

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Yayyy apple pie of course. My mom makes it so good!

That's all, thank you for tuning in! I hope we all can see sunny days soon without this hate and violence again. As always "Books, not guns; culture, not violence." Take care!

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