For those people who are struggling with studying this year and need some motivation, this article is for you.

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• Make an study vision board with images that motivate you
• Follow Instagram account that share study tips
• Choose the best hour for you in the day to study
• Get dressed to see you prettier even if you are at home
• Try a study group
• Go to a library and make you stuff there

Ask yourself.

You should ask yourself two things: Why I study now? Why I started studying?
The answer of those questions should be enough reason to continue, and if it isn’t, rethink your life .

What keeps me going? From an straight A student.

I have goals, and studying is something that is going to help me achieve them, because I want to have a profession in which I need a degree. That is a huge motivation to continue studying during the year.
But the sentence that really keeps me going is: knowledge is power.

Study inspo

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I am motivated to get my homework done
I am having good grades this year in school/college
I do my best of the school experience
I know how to study and that shows in my grades
I am happy at my class with my classmates and teachers

Study articles you can check

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More tips:

• Avoid saturating yourself
• Take a glass of water to your study place
• Take a shower if you feel overwhelmed
• Go to a library if your home isn’t a quiet study place
• Try new study methods

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You have to keep going, if studying is going to take you to the place you want to be in the future, but don’t forget the now.

Always remember: knowledge is power.

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