hi hi everyone, I just wanna say thank you for those who read this. im very new at doing this so if you would like to critique or send helpful criticism Dm me on instagram <3

this playlist is of love songs, happy and sad, plus some heartbroken songs. they sound the same to me so its very hard for me to put them in a separate playlist, I apologize.

coin - youuu
boy Pablo - I <3 u
Brent faiyaz - trust
boy Pablo - honey
boy Pablo - hey girl
boy Pablo - be with me
Ryan woods - bad texter
boy Pablo - I hope she loves me back
courtship - tell me tell me
PUBLIC - pretty face
Joan - drive all night
lonely god - Marlboro nights
no vacation - dream girl
Steve lacy - dark red
dayglow - can I call you tonight?
the neighborhood - cry baby
Clairo - B.O.M.D


I didn't put all the songs because there's quite a lot AND im adding more :)

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