Its Autumn my favorite season , i can already smell the fresh breeze and stepping on crunchy leaves i will write anotheri mean i lot of articles about fall and just because the weather is getting cold and the sun disapear ealry and i know that some days can be longer than others so today i will share with 50 autumn self care ideas to try and to turn this Autumn into a fun one before winter comes

Lets start it

1-bake a pie

autumn, pie, and food image food, pie, and apple image

2- take a nature walk

autumn, dog, and sweet image

3-Take a bubble bath

candle, relax, and bath image autumn, chill, and fall image

4-enjoy warm socks and pjs

book, coffee, and cozy image girl and tea image

5-Light a fall-scented candle

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image autumn, candles, and decorations image

6-drink hot pumpkin spice

autumn, cold, and decoration image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

7-watch a halloween movie

Halloween, autumn, and fall image autumn, the nightmare before christmas, and hot ​chocolate image

8-do a face mask

pumpkin, Halloween, and spa image aesthetic, glitter, and face image

9-take a cozy nap

girl, sleep, and blanket image girl, bear, and teddy bear image

10- buy new sweaters

book, aesthetic, and sweater image sweater, fashion, and autumn image

11-decorate your room with fall related stuff

autumn, bedroom, and boho image autumn, fall, and october image

12-Get yourself an extra fluffy blanket

blanket, warm, and fluffy image blanket, cozy, and winter image

13-decorate a pumpkin

Halloween, pumpkin, and cat image Halloween and pumpkin image

14-clean your house

animations, fall, and simsala grimm image aesthetic, comfortable, and corner image

15-decorate your house for halloween

autumn, fall, and decor image Halloween, pumpkin, and autumn image pumpkin, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, fall, and dog image

16-try a new hobbie

aesthetic and knitting image food, autumn, and fall image

17- spend time with people you love

adventurous, autumn, and fall image autumn, friends, and fall image

18-Prepare autumn outfits

autumn, fall, and fashion image fashion, style, and bag image

19-bake with apple

apples, autumn, and baking image apple, Apple Pie, and food image

20-Sit in front of a fireplace and sort your thoughts out

fashion, girl, and autumn image autumn, cozy, and fireplace image

21- drink a cup of tea

aesthetic, autumn, and candle image autumn, fall, and book image

22-Unplug, and go some days without your phone

autumn, fall, and girl image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

23- create a autumn playlist

music, autumn, and fall image Image by ✞αℓєχαηԃяα✞

24-write in your journal or start one

aesthetic, autumn, and cozy image coffee, book, and journal image

24- go to the bed early an dmkae yourself a declious breakfast

breakfast, kitchen, and pancakes image aesthetic, anne of green gables, and autumn image

25-go to a farmer market

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image autumn, country, and fall image

26-Have an autumn photoshoot

alt, autumn, and fall image shay mitchell image

27-drink spiced cider

fall, autumn, and apple image autumn, leave, and outdoors image

28-buy new clothes for fall

fashion, clothes, and style image autumn, bag, and black image

29-write down what you to let go off

quotes, words, and life image aesthetic image

30-make pumpkin bread

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image bread, food, and pumpkin image

31-Go camping and sleep outside before the weather turns too cold to do so

camping, nature, and autumn image autumn, fall, and camping image

32-slown down and savor the little moments

33-enjoy your morning beverage

autumn, dog, and fall image girl, coffee, and tea image

34-Warm up in cute and comfortable pajamas

aesthetic, asian, and fall image beautiful, outfit, and pajamas image

35-do a thing youve been afraid to do

36-make a soup or a crock pot recipe

october and pumpkin image anime, cozy, and winter image

37-Create a new skin-care routine for the cold and winter coming my skin turn very dry with the cold temperature

cosmetics, beauty, and makeup image beauty, aesthetic, and skin image

38-get spiritual meditate

ask, eight, and energy image aligned, beautiful, and blessed image

39-Buy your favorite Halloween candy

candy, christmas, and food image kylie jenner image

40-think for your halloween costume

costume, gold, and Fairies image beauty, fashion, and music image

41-Do something that reminds you of your childhood

amusement park, best friends, and friends image bear, park, and surprise image

42-Change your phone or pc background

Halloween, autumn, and fall image autumn, fall, and road image fall, wallpaper, and autumn image sweater weather, fireplace, and Lyrics image pumpkin, wallpaper, and autumn image autumn, leaves, and fall image

43-Go to a library

autumn, fall, and Halloween image book, girl, and aesthetic image

44-Make an autumn-collection here on We Heart It

45-Have some lazy days

autumn, book, and coffee image autumn, fall, and Halloween image

46-Do something spontaneous

jim carrey, quotes, and funny image enjoy, free, and happen image

47-Carve a pumpkin

art, carved, and dark image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

48-Start going to bed earlier

night, city, and light image disney, donald duck, and retro image

49-Play a card game with someone you love

aesthetic, cards, and game image card, inspiration, and play image

50-Paint your nails an autumn color

orange, autumn, and beauty image nails, autumn, and Halloween image autumn, nails, and gold rings image nails, autumn, and beauty image

Thats all

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take care of you an dhave a fun and cozy fall

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