Here are a couple of reasons why I think autumn is the best season…

1. Halloween

Hands down, one of the best holidays.

Halloween, autumn, and fall image
I am major advocate for spooky season.
Halloween, autumn, and fall image Halloween, food, and donuts image autumn, apple, and fall image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

2. I’m really happy from the end of a good summer, I have a tan and I feel good

beach, sand, and summer image bathing suit, friends, and summer image

3. Random warm days

Although it’s getting cooler, there are still some randomly sunny days.

autumn, nature, and sun image nature, tree, and forest image autumn, fall, and nature image autumn, fall, and nature image

The days start cold and end cold, but you get this lovely warm sun in the middle.

4. Students are back at school, places are less busy

green, life, and london image Image by Rachael children, colorful, and design image aesthetic, green, and hair image

I can finally go to the cafés and parks that I love without having to get through hoards of kids to do it.

5. Christmas isn’t far away

christmas and wallpaper image winter, snow, and russia image

I'm so excited already!

christmas, winter, and loading image

6. The diet can let up because there’s no more bikini

Controversial one, sorry. I diet in summer when I’m wearing bikinis, I let myself relax a little in winter and hone back on the exercise (I still do it, just not as much!)

food, healthy, and avocado image food, yummy, and delicious image aesthetic, cheese, and nachos image cake, food, and red velvet image

We’re only talking increasing my calorie allowance by like 200 calories, but it’s a nice treat for me.

Before you get annoyed at me for counting calories…it’s a control tactic for me and brings me comfort. I am definitely within my healthy BMI range and my diet is well-rounded and full of carbs.

7. Pumpkin spiced lattes

Need I say more?

autumn, starbucks, and fall image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
Pumpkin anything really, I love pumpkin soup!
autumn, Halloween, and soup image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image

8. Fall fashion is so chic

fashion, black, and style image fashion, style, and beauty image Image by ღValentinaღ blue sweater, street style, and everyday look image

It also includes the less ‘chic’ but definitely mandatory cosy socks and oversized knitted jumpers.

aesthetic, clothing, and fashion image autumn, sweater, and fall image autumn, sweater, and clothes image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

9. It’s time for hot chocolate, chunky-knit blankets and pretty orange leaves

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, fall, and tree image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image autumn, dog, and fall image

I love throws, comforters and blankets. They’re so cosy.

cozy and blanket image blanket, girl, and cozy image autumn, fall, and candle image autumn image

10. It’s my birthday in October!

Image by Norma aesthetic, coral, and month image

Hope I’ve convinced you, L x