In today's article, i'll dive into this amazing album and i will be ranking it from least favorite song to best. Hope u enjoy!

bts, jimin, and kpop image
let's get it

9. where you from

bts, park jimin, and min yoongi image bts, bangtan, and jungkook image
My heart is pierced by Cupid’s arrow

8. outro: propose

bts, jin, and kpop image jin, bts, and bangtan boys image
Even if the difficult tomorrow comes, hold my hand

7. bts cypher pt.2: triptych

Image by Juliane bts, rap monster, and namjoon image
If I'm the sun, you're the moon, because when I rise, you go down

6. tomorrow

black and white, tomorrow, and sexy dance image album, bts, and park jimin image
Even in the far future, never forget the you of right now

5. intro: skool luv affair

handsome, kawaii, and kpop image jin, namjoon, and bts image
When in love, be passionate

4. boy in luv

kpop, bts, and boy in luv image kpop, bts, and boy in luv image
Your profile picture is the same but why do I keep checking it?

3. just one day

jin, namjoon, and bts image jin, namjoon, and bts image
I appreciate the masterpiece that is you because your existence alone is art

2. spine breaker

boys, crazy, and bts image bed, derp, and meme image
Even after seeing your parents’ curved spines, you’re so coldhearted

1. jump

goth, green, and layout image bts, jungkook, and taehyung image
Even if I live for a day, i'll have no regrets
army, bts, and jungkook image
This album... ohh it is truly a masterpiece, that will always find it's place in my heart. Love the messages in spine breaker and jump, there's not too much calling out of kids, who use their parents for getting finer stuff. It's really good commitment, i love it. I've recently found my love to song intro: skool luv affair, rap lines different styles comes out well in the song.

Thanks for reading