The standardization in Instagram is beyond crazy, people depend on how others perception nowadays. They might think of people that sometimes exposed their life through social media. Then, started to make concepts continuously “ah, I hope I have what she/he had” “I need to do something like this/that so I can be like her” therefore, our mind suddenly is triggered by all of those, in fact, it becomes a habit to train our mind like that. Then whatever activity and intention come into our mind, we already programmed ourselves to compare what they have to something we don’t have. This is making some crucial issues within ourselves such as insecurities, anxiety and even the smallest thing like lack of gratitude.
Most people have been going through this insecurities phase. This impacted self-image of a person, where they are scared to be showed up who they truly are and what they stand for. due to perception makes things seem ugly in their mind. it does not seem to matter again manipulating ourselves into someone is not really who we are just because we want to show up as perfect as we could. It is significant to have foresight to know the boundaries between is it build or just destroy yourself? It takes time to stop having doubt about yourself, but if you are not willing to step out all the negativity. You will end up drowning yourself to please everyone again and again. Therefore, we must just accept that not many people will always admire you and start to be selective in who we choose to be in order to grow.
Take a little step at a time to put some confidence and energy back into yourself when the anxiety hits you. Be anxious about your worthiness is not okay. You have to take the leap to be brave and dealt with it. Whenever start feeling anxious, you have to stay away from social media and start telling yourself if you are the best out there. Because the issue came from your own confidence not anyone else, don’t let continue negative cycles around you. Everything will start looking beautiful if you are not trying to push yourself because the less you seek validation and approval in this society, you will become powerful.

The higher gratitude you have, the situation that seems absolutely unsure will turn out right. The faith of gratitude needed to brought that everything happened is to uplift yourself to be better. Therefore, being considerate that sometimes you are not good enough and feeling everything so deeply, is part of being alive. The toxic thought you have given into yourself, just because you have been seeing people who is doing nor looking better than you. It should not make you feel less than important. Be gratitude will stop you to switch up your character into someone else and over-consume to be perfect. Don’t let the heavy weigh on your shoulders consumed yourself and stopping you to take that damn experience.
The more you are not feeling valued or not worth it, they best way to get rid of it, is to have a thought about “we do not even know what the true behind all those pics” because we only see half of their lives through pictures, and most of the times, people constantly find ways to make themselves feel bad. This tell us that we are the only ones who can fix this. It is not about what we are doing and not doing exactly. It is what we are believing about ourselves after all the stuff we did. Pat yourself more frequently, it shows that you are enough and loved.