1_ A song with a color in it

Pink - Aerosmith

aerosmith, armageddon, and music image Temporarily removed

2_ A song with a number in the title

Seventeen - Troye Sivan

aesthetic, boy, and dark image alternative, archive, and black image

3_ A song that reminds me of summer

Endless summer nights - Richard Marx

marx, richard, and love image Image removed

4_ A song that reminds me of someone i wish to forget

The one that got away - Katy Perry

katy perry and teenage dream image katy perry image

5_ A song that needs to be play out loud^

Love bites - Def leppard

80s, eighties, and def leppard image band, rock, and rock and roll image

6_ A song that makes me want to dance

Talk dirty to me - Poison

eighties, cute, and rikki rockett image 80s, eighties, and glam image

7_ A song to drive to

Dont go away mad (just go away) - Motley Crue

motley crue image Temporarily removed

8_ A song about drugs or alcohol

Rehab - Amy Winehouse

Image by hikaru Image by smithtrina670

9_ A song that makes me happy

Just like heaven - The cure

robert smith, the cure, and 80s image Temporarily removed

10_ A song that makes me sad

Fine line - Harry Styles

celebrity, entertainment, and weheartit image album, Lyrics, and love poems image

11_ A song that i never get tired of

Purple rain - Prince

prince and icon image 1980s, legend, and prince image

12_ A song i like from the 80s

Is this love - Whitesnake

whitesnake image Image removed

13_ A song that i would like to play at my wedding

Every breath you take - The police

band and the police image band and the police image

14_ A song i like that is a cover by another artist

Needles and pins - Ramones

Image by intimidator Image by hikaru

15_ A song that is a classic favorite

I want to break free - Queen

Queen, Freddie Mercury, and roger taylor image Queen and Freddie Mercury image

16_ A song i would sing in a duet

I want you back - Nsync

90s, boyband, and boys image nsync boyband image

17_ A song that makes me think about life

Heroes - David Bowie

Image by AP hero, quotes, and grunge image

18_ A song that has many meanings to me

Champagne supernova - Oasis

oasis, liam gallagher, and noel gallagher image background, band, and oasis image

19_ A song with a person name in it

Whole lotta rosie - Acdc

ac dc and ACDC image 70s, 80s, and ACDC image

20_ A song that moves me forward

Every rose has its thorn - Poison

80s, eighties, and glam image 80s, eighties, and glam image

21_ A song that i think everyone should listen to

Never tear us apart - Inxs

INXS, Michael Hutchence, and mike image 80's, band, and black and white image
ugh i love this song so much

22_ A song by a band i wish was still together

Don't look back in anger - Oasis

Temporarily removed liam gallagher, music, and noel gallagher image

23_ A song that i like by an artist that no longer lives

A kind o magic - Queen

Queen, Freddie Mercury, and music image Temporarily removed

24_ A song that makes me want to fall in love

Pictures of you - The cure

emo, goth, and robert smith image 70s, goth, and pic image

25_ A song that breaks my heart

Gone - Nsync

90s, boyband, and music image 90s, joey fatone, and boyband image

26_ A song by an artist whose voice i love

Tio - Zayn

celebrities, man, and sexy image zayn malik image

27_ A song i remember from my childhood

One thing - One direction

free, boy band, and 1d image one direction, zayn malik, and Harry Styles image

28_ A song that reminds me of myself

Absolute begginers - David Bowie

70s, bowie, and glam rock image 70s, pic, and rock image

29_ A song from movie

Footlose - Kenny Loggins

footloose image footloose and dance image

30_ A song from a television series

Don't stop believin' - Glee

cory, glee, and lea michele image quote, black and white, and lonely image
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