I saw the sunlight dancing across the waves
And this longing seized me
I wished so hard to be right there
To be not me
To be not here

Touching the waves
Dipping into that sunraygaze
And drifting far away

Feeling the waves
No need to talk
Smelling the ocean breeze
& be wrapped in that shimmery sea foamspark

I dreamed of gliding weightlessly over the surface like gulls gliding through the air
Trickled by my waving seasalty hair
Light-hearted and free
So I wouldn‘t have to be me
Just for one second
Lonely and free

The tides are safe
And I would feel too
Wrapped into the shimmering waves
Floating through the cooling blue
For only a moment
For only a day
I could dream myself away

If I could see a thousand shooting stars
at night
Oh I would always wish to be
this breeze I saw
the waves
& their light. -g. 21.09.2021