I was inspired by these article <3

Idols with the same height as me:

kpop, may, and cherry bullet image exo, xiumin, and minseok image kpop, doyeon, and weki meki image kpop, yeosang, and kang yeosang image
May (Cherry Bullet), Xiumin (EXO), Doyeon (Weki Meki), and Yeosang (Ateez) - 173 Cm

Idols with the same birthday as me:

woochul and newkidd image Image removed Temporarily removed
Woochul (Newkidd), Daeun, and KiSu - Oct 2nd

Idols with the same birthyear as me:

niki, enhypen, and kpop image kpop, weeekly, and zoa image k-pop, kpop, and tribe image soul, p1harmony, and haku shota image
Ni-Ki (Enhypen), Zoa (Weeekly), SoEun (TRI.BE) and Soul (P1Harmony) - 05 line

Idols with the same zodiac sign as me:

twitter, selca, and bts image chuu image yuri, izone, and jo yuri image Chan, stray kids, and bang chan image
Jimin (BTS), Chuu (LOONA), Yuri (IZ*ONE), and Bang Chan (Stray Kids) - Libra

Idols with the same style as me:

icon, polaroid, and yoon image asian, chanel, and fashion image aesthetic, kpop, and sakura image itzy, chaeryeong, and lee chaeryeong image
Yoon (Stayc), Jennie (Blackpink), Wonyoung (IZ*ONE) and Chaeryeong (Itzy)

Idols with the same MBTI as me:

kpop, fnc, and jiung image hyunjin and loona image gg, girl group, and icons image wayv, nct, and yangyang image
Jiung (P1harmony), HyunJin (LOONA), Dosie (PURPLE KISS), and YangYang (WayV) - INTJ

Idols with the same hobby as me:

kpop, the boyz, and sunwoo image dreamcatcher, Şua, and dreamcatcher sua image iu, lee jieun, and jieun image han, lee min ho, and boy group image
Sunwoo (The Boyz) Watching movies, SuA (Dreamcatcher) Drawing, Iu Reading, and Felix (Stray Kids) Listening to music

Idols with the same physical features as me:

bts, taehyung, and v image kim minjeong, kpop, and winter image
Taehyung (BTS) Mole on nose and Winter (aespa) Dimple on left cheek

Idols with the same music taste as me:

keeho, yoon keeho, and p1harmony image icons, kpop, and txt image
Keeho (P1Harmony) and Huening Kai (TXT)

Idols with the same first letter of their stage name as me:

blackpink, momoland, and ahin image k-pop, kpop, and eg image
Ahin (MOMOLAND) and Aisha (Everglow)