hello! my favorite season is almost here and to honor that i decided to make a post dedicated to some of my ultimate favorite fall movies/ movies that make me feel closer to fall and to myself because they radiate confort and happiness.
so, light a candle, grab the confiest blanket you own, make yourself hot chocolate and get ready to have the time of your life watching these movies!

Dead Poets Society

dead poets society, movie, and philosophical image dead poets society, quotes, and robin williams image quotes, words, and movie image best friends, boarding school, and book image
"But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for"

it's impossible to ignore the existence of this movie, specially during fall season! this is one of my favorite movies of all time because of its quotes, its meaning, its characters and because it gives me the best vibes i could ever ask for! this movie also radiates dark academia vibes.
now, moving on to the quick summary of what the movie consists of: it's an american teen drama film set in the 50s/60s at Vermont and it tells the story of an English teacher who tries to inspire his students through poetry. they end up finding this club that existed a long time ago called "dead poets society" and the rest is for you to watch! this movie's main message is for us to "carpe diem" which means seize the day!

Little Women

little women movie image Image by Gayane Image by 🅔🅛🅔🅝🅐.🅝 little women movie image
"I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship."

this movie is kind of recent and it instantly became one of my confort movies because, of course, it has timothee chalamet and how can we not adore him? haha but, besides that, this movie tells the story of four sisters (Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy). they live in New England with their mother and they struggle financially since the family recently lost their fortune. It gives us important life lessons and gives us an idea of the role women had in the 19th century while it entertains us the whooole time! definitely a MUST watch!

Harry Potter

harry potter image harry potter, hogwarts, and wizard image harry potter, ron weasley, and hogwarts image harry potter, idiot, and hermione granger image
"What an idiot"

who's not familiar with the harry potter's saga? i feel like everyone knows these movies and already watched these movies so i'm not going to get in lots of details about them, i'm just going to say that these movies are completely worth the hype and it you haven't watch them, you truly don't understand what you're missing! so, get ready and confy and go watch them! promise you'll love them <3

Edward Scissorhands

edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and winona ryder image johnny depp, edward scissorhands, and winona ryder image edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image edward scissorhands, johnny depp, and movie image
"I am not complete."

okay but this film... so iconic! i watched this movie a few months ago thinking i wasn´t going to like it but turns out... i completely adored it! 10/10. this tells the story of edward, a man who was created by an inventor that ended up dying before he had the chance to finish his invention. he left edward with scissors where he was supposed to have hands. there's a woman who ends up finding him where he lived completely alone and by himself. there's a lot of romance in this movie that is totally worth to watch! i could NOT recommend this film enough <3

these were today's post recomendations! i truly hope you liked and i hope your as happy as i am to finally get into the fall spirit with the help of these amazing movies. i'm thinking about doing a part 2 so stay tuned <3

thank you so much for taking the time to read this, i love you and i hope you have fun and be happy as you truly deserve. with all my love and heart,
see you in my next post! ♡,