NAME: Alexandria Gilbert
NICKNAME: Alex [everyone], Fun Gilbert [Damon], Doll [Seth]
AGE: 16-17 [season one]
BIRTHPLACE: New York City, New York
RESIDENCE: Mystic Falls, Virginia


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maggie lindemann


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Alex has an alt but casual style. She enjoys standing out and doesn't care what others think.


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Alex was a human throughout seasons 1 - 2 before being bitten and killed by Stefan Salvatore while under the influence of the original family in season 3. She remains a vampire throughout the rest of the series.


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Alex was born and raised in New York City. She never knew her father and her mother was an overachieving workaholic, neglecting their relationship and spending most of her time across the country.
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Due to this, Alex was left on her own a lot and able to get into all sorts of trouble. She did not care for the consequences of her actions and even went as far as to get herself arrested for grand theft auto.
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Her mother, however, still didn't notice the effect of her neglect so Alex decided to move to Mystic Falls and reunite with her aunt and cousins. Alex hoped that she could rebuild her close relationships with them and actually feel as though she belonged to a family.


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Lauren Gilbert is Alex's mother and the CEO of IMG models. The two have never shared a close bond and barely know anything about the other with Lauren constantly travelling for work. Alex craves her attention and love but pretends she doesn't, creating an even bigger rift as they often argue when together. Despite this, they do still love each other and Lauren visits her daughter more regularly as the series continues.
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Jenna is Alex's Aunt and Lauren's younger sister. Alex has always looked up to Jenna and enjoyed spending time with her growing up, often going on adventures around NYC when she comes to visit. After moving to Mystic Falls, their relationship only grew and Alex was completely heartbroken when Jenna died. She felt as though she lost the only adult figure in her life that actually cared.
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Growing up, Elena and Alex were the same age and had similar interests, essentially being best friends. As they got older though, things got busy, their similar interests changed and their relationship suffered because of it. They barely kept in contact. Moving to Mystic Falls, however, mended their relationship and the two become very close in spite of their differences. Alex loves Elena like a sister.
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Jeremy and Alex weren't that close growing up, so when she moved in with her cousins she made an effort to get to know him better. She was one of the few people that he would eventually open up to and the two of them loved to get into mischief together, teaming up to annoy Elena. She essentially becomes like another sister to him.


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When Alex's first meets Caroline she cannot believe the audacity of the girl and states numerous times that she doesn't like her. They rarely interact but when they do, it's snarky and condescending. It isn't until season 3 that their relationship improves, with Caroline supporting Alex during her transition and sticking together against the original family. They eventually become best friends and Alex can't imagine a life without Caroline and her overly organised ways, even being the maid of honour at her June wedding.
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After moving to Mystic Falls, Bonnie was one of the first people to befriend Alex. They hit it off instantly and Alex really admired how down to earth Bonnie was. The two get even closer when they get stuck in the prison world, sharing things they'd never shared before. The two always protect each other and care deeply for one another. Alex eventually decides to go travelling with Bonnie at the end of the series.
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Alex met Stefan through his relationship with Elena and thought him to be a really sweet and caring guy. The two don't interact much throughout the first season but gradually get closer as the series continues. Alex tries to bring Stefan out of his shell and eventually does so, being one of the few people to see him let his hero hair loose. They care about each other and Stefan is extremely remorseful for killing and turning her into a vampire, something that took Alex a little bit of time to get over.
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When Alex met Damon she had only heard bad things about him through Elena and was very snarky towards him. Unfortunately for her, he enjoyed that and would go out of his way to be extremely yet condescending nice to her. They treated each other like a childish sibling but do betray each other on occasion, leading to a very turbulent friendship. After being stuck in the prison world together though, they build trust and become more dependent on each other to help in sticky situations.
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Alex meets Enzo and thinks the world of him. She really enjoys being around him and is the biggest supporter of his relationship with Bonnie, always talking about how she was going to babysit their children one day. Enzo really liked Alex as well and even protected her against Bonnie when she became the huntress. When Enzo died, Alex was devasted but mainly focused on helping Bonnie mourn her loss.
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Alaric and Alex get along well and are more than happy to help each other out in times of need. She finds herself relying on him for support and guidance, almost being a parental figure.


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Katherine meets Alex while pretending to be Elena, surprised that Alex picked up on the difference between them and impressing her. They have worked together on occasion but are often working against one another, Alex doing anything in her power to protect her family from Katherine. Admittedly though, Katherine thinks quite fondly of Alex in terms of her attitude and constantly tries to get her to betray the others. Alex, however, tries to avoid her and is glad to see her go in the end.
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Alex considers Klaus her mortal enemy for killing Jenna and her boyfriend Landon in season two and resents him further when he tries to kill her and her friends too. Alex tries to kill him a few times but fails, ultimately destroying the potential for any relationship between them. When Alex joins the family much later down the track, however, Klaus formally apologises for what he'd done and she forgives him, starting a better relationship.


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Landon is best friends with Matt and Tyler and secretly a werewolf, having indirectly killed his babysitter at age 12. He meets Alex in season one on her first day at school and the two instantly hit it off, Alex surprised by how funny he was. He tries to keep her safe from the supernatural world and warns her to stay away from Damon in particular, though Alex often argues with him that she can handle herself. The two start dating in the middle of season one when Alex discovers the supernatural world and they fall in love, having a healthy and happy relationship. Alex believes him to be her first love and is completely wrecked when he is killed by Klaus during the ritual in season two.
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Seth runs with the original family, being adopted and transformed by Klaus in the late 1930s. He meets Alex in season three and is completely infatuated with her, going out of his way to make it known. He excessively flirts and teases her, driving her insane as she tries to ignore him and reject his advances. Alex somewhat sees him as working with Klaus to kill Landon and believes him to be a bad man. The attraction and chemistry between the two, however, is undeniable and they find themselves getting closer, Seth helping Caroline with Alex's transformation and protecting her from Klaus. When Seth leaves for New Orleans with his family in season four, Alex is secretly crushed as she was beginning to genuinely like him. In season 7 though, Seth makes his return and confesses his love for Alex to which she eventually reciprocates. They want to spend the rest of their lives together and consider each other their true love.