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year: 2008
author: stieg larsson
573 pages

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well, i want to start saying that's not a meh but it can be a meh. i liked it, i won't lie but i liked a few pages between chapters, i mean, it's a great book. i like the way we have those twists but it didn't excited me. i didn't expected her to be alive or her brother to be the serial killer, that was very clever but it wasn't that emotive.

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maybe it's just me!
the first chapters were boring. i had to remind me to keep reading. then, when henrik called him for the job, everything started to get great. i loved how he involved in the case and how he started to get the things out.
the fact that the way he found a very important clue because of the daugther ???? that never appeared ???? and suddenly ???? she solved that shit that took them ???? ages ????? i mean, it was nice but why her. why would she appear just to say those words ???? i'd never know.

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lisbeth is a queen (she probably won't like me saying the word lol) but yeah, she's the reason a kept reading. i love the badass she is. i love how much she kept fighting even tho the shity life she got. iconic i had a little crush on her.

mikael is a little piece of shit. i mean, why would he do that to those women??? he played with them. well, not actually because they knew how he were but still. i think he's so smart, and kinda cool but a little rat.

the end was... not that exciting. I loved how lisbeth fucked that little shit of the gangster (lol). so badass. i was expecting a bloodie end. like shocking one. maybe the fact that harriet was never dead was a shocking fact but not for me. i feel sorry for her tho.

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hope you like it and send me your thoughts on this book <3