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Focus - NCT 127

These days, with all of this HOT GIRL SUMMER thing, I feel like a lot of us are trying to live an aesthetic life. We are surrounded on Instagram, tik tok and even here on We Heart It, by so many inspiring people, living a, what seems like, a better, cooler and nicer life than us.

The design is pretty simple and always the same : waking up early, working out, eating clean, working, studying, meditate...
On the paper it seems so perfect right ? I want to have this life too

But as I tried so hard to reach those goals, I slowly started to feel overwhelmed. I was drowning in my need for perfection.

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Actually, even if this trend pushes you to be the better version of yourself, it can be quite triggering. Because what does it means to be the BEST version of yourself ?

I mean, life is just a long journey after all, so as you think like that, it seems quite ridiculous to aspire to live a PERFECT life.

When you think deeply about this trend : « Hot girl life » the true message behind it should simply be doing what’s best for you, your mental health and your body.

And that doesn’t need to be eating only vegetables and coffee if you hate it.
The problem with those videos is that we only see the bright side of journey. But some days, all your body needs is just 12h hours of sleep. And it doesn’t matter if it makes you skip your arm workout.

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We are so caught up in the « need for productivity » circle that we often loose ourselves. It’s alright to let go. It’s alright to stay « stop » because it is too much to handle today.

At the end of the day, you should not ask yourself « what did I achieve today ? Was it enough ? » but more « how did I feel today ? What should I do tomorrow to feel better ?»

Step by step you’ll get through it. Even if all you did today was eating pizza, chocolate and skipped a workout because you wanted to watch a movie in your bed.


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