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Apple’s new iPhone 13 lineup may not be a significant upgrade from last year’s iPhone 12 models, but there are some exciting new features. And with four phones that are all just a little different, you may have some questions. If you're debating which iPhone 13 to buy, we’re here to help break things down.

spending a thousand bucks. The 256GB version comes in at $899, and if you want to max out your storage at 512GB, you’ll need to pay $1,099.

If you want to upgrade to Apple’s Pro lineup, the iPhone 13 Pro is your least expensive bet. The 128GB version sells for $999; double the storage for an additional $100. The 512GB model will set you back $1,299, and a terabyte of storage will cost you $1,499.

At the top end of the lineup is the iPhone 13 Pro Max, starting at $1,099 for the 128GB version. Double the storage and it’ll cost you $100 more. For 512GB of storage, you’ll have to cough up $1,399, and if you need a terabyte of storage, expect to pay a jaw-dropping $1,599.

People who store most of their content in the cloud will probably be happy with the 128GB iPhone 13. People who take lots of photos and videos will probably want a 256GB iPhone.