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This article is a guide to tell you what to look for in basic accessories that everybody will need in their closet. These items can last for years if you choose high quality materials such as genuine leather. Quality costs more but consider it as an investment as in the long run they will pay themselves back.

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Bag or backpack

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I'd highly recommend you invest in a bag or a backpack that's genuine leather as it tends to last longer than a vegan one. You can choose whichever matches better to your needs. Nevertheless, there are some good quality vegan options but I'd recommend to avoid buying them from fast fashion brands.


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If possible, invest in high-quality jewelry that's made of materials such as sterling silver, gold, or white gold. These can last for decades in daily use. Note, that silver will darken over the time, so it requires more maintenance to stay bright.


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A classic neutral pair of pumps is a must-have for formal occasions. With one good pair you can celebrate several different types of occasions. Additionally, real leather will adapt in the shape of your feet unlike synthetic leather which makes them more comfortable to wear. Considerate insoles to add extra comfort.

(If you don't wear heels, you can invest in other type of shoes that are suitable for formal events.)


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Belts can be utilized in multiple ways: tie it around your waist over a shirt or a blazer or use it as a statement accessory in your pants. Genuine leather is the best option.


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A good quality watch stands the test of time. When you're choosing one, bear in mind that leather bands will wear out, so they need to be changed every now and then unlike steel bands.

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