Scorpio's Letter
Taste of Pluto, Navy, Marwin

quotes, demon, and red image
don't tease me with your body, cause the pressure will reveal

I am not a woman, I'm a god

insecure, neon, and quotes image
keep your heart 'cause I already got one


aesthetic, cyber, and dark image jeans, aesthetic, and baby image
i am way too fly to be one of y'all, i'm a bad motherfucker in the room

Dark Horse
Katy Perry

alt, grunge, and cyber image
so you wanna play with magic? boy you should know what you're falling for

Death by Sex
Kim Petras

90s, aesthetic, and grunge image
i'mma put you to sleep, make you my soul to keep

Dead 2 Me
Emily Vaughn

sorry, text, and words image heart and broken image
really mean it baby so R.I.P. you're dead to me

I'm Gonna Show You Crazy
Bebe Rexha

sunmi, love, and idol image alexa demie, euphoria, and icon image
i'm tired of tryin' to be normal, i'm always overthinking


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