• This poem is originally written by me.

Freezing wind, grey skies
I've been walking on the bridge
Where memories would follow me like an old friend
People around me
Smiling, smirking, seeing their future
Contemplating their meaningless life
As mine, as yours
My red shoes are the only thing that brights up the place
Giving a little of passion to some dead scene
Far away from me, I can see a castle
Where my memories are founded
And therefore, my heart feels the needing
Of standing inside a royal room
How can something so beautiful
Hide hurtful things?
Art is everywhere, the lines on the wood are mint
I realized there is a little of green in the passage
Freezing wind, grey skies
I've been dancing on the bridge
With pointy shoes, giving life to my own self
Ballet has never been for me
But luckily, I could feel like a princess
Dancing around a royal room
With a pink dress, flowers all over me
How cheesy am I, childish I must say
With my red shoes, I'm just walking towards the end
Looking at something else besides an old building
I found your eyes
Emerald sweetened my existence
As you look at me deeply in my mind
I tried to run away, but I couldn't
You read me as a book
And my royal encounter has always been with you
Freezing wind, grey skies
I've been searching for you on the bridge
Because of my memories
I knew you would be here
Like someone who has the fate of being with a lost soul
I just found my way back home
To see my royal prince
The charming one I've been into for so long
Made me realize I have nothing to do at the bridge anymore
I would love to jump off with you
Heading to the castle
On a freezing grey day.

Daydreaming about meeting the boy of your life, your prince charming, the significant other, the soulmate. I enjoy doing so, it's kind of fun and full of cheesy moments, or cliché. I do that whenever I finished a rom-com, and being honest, it makes me understand better all the situations about love.

That time, I wrote this after watching "The Crown", the latest season in which Diana and Charles are dancing. And I actually don't like their relationship, it was toxic as hell in where Diana was the victim, but the point in this was the chemistry that both Josh O'Connor and Emma L. Corrin had whenever the scenes were romantic. I mean, if they ever date in real life, here they have their #1 fan.

The sparkles in their eyes and smiles, I know is acting but how they talked to/about each other is really cute. And so I imagine this certain place in England where I could meat my significant other, in no other place like the Clevedon Pier. Because, who wouldn't want to meet the love of their life in a bridge where One Direction filmed "You and I"?

Probably, I took this dream too far. It doesn't matter. The guy this is meant to is most likely to never know about my existence, and that's okay as long as those red shoes are still dancing to his songs. Right?
And yes. The ending line is based on the ending of perhaps, the most cliché and tragical-romantic novel: Romeo and Juliet.

This is where I write poems, if you would like to read mor of them: https://www.wattpad.com/story/255720877?utm_source=android&utm_medium=link&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=alexandrasw_&wp_originator=9%2FzgVvFxF7dGnyJ1TvBXP6I18YsFvLvqVFJ2GczZrJ2oCQ0dG3ma8DTjojTJLONH%2BzENaO6r4IO9Dk1fb6rkj227NJD8z8IFSI8lyINRsTreVY%2BT7vQpzTMRJ5PcLGZi
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