Hello my lovers! Hope you're doing well.

So recently, on September 15th I became the ambassador of a brand. It's of course a clothes brand! It is indeed a French brand, so sure I'm truly happy to support it.
The brand is named Boutique Bohème. Like you heard in the name, it's a brand that sells bohemian clothes.

It's a little brand but there's a lot of products anyway and their site looks pretty good in my opinion..
The site sells bohemian dresses, tops, skirts, jumpsuits. They told me they're gonna sell shorts and jeans soon.

You can have a look on their website by following this link : https://boutique-boheme.fr/

I already ordered a few dresses from them I should receive the package soon, when i do i will do an unboxing video on my profile for you so stay tuned !