Hey guys! I've decided to do a k-pop tag inspired by multiple articles I've seen on here. Before we get to it, don't forget to check out my other k-pop article :)

Note: I mainly listen to boy groups so that's why there aren't many female idols on here!

✦ general info

1. ult groups
ateez and kpop image nct, nct 127, and taeyong image
ateez & nct 127
2. top 10 groups
eric, jacob, and kevin image wayv, lucas, and ten image mj, rocky, and astro image Image by ₊ +゚ꪖƺꪖꪑ꠸。 bts, jungkook, and taehyung image exo, chanyeol, and suho image jackson, JB, and k-pop image joy, kpop, and red velvet image group photo, icon, and idol image 90s, exo, and kpop image
the boyz, wayv, astro, stray kids, bts, exo, got7, red velvet, txt, superm
3. ult biases
ateez, san, and kpop image nct, jaehyun, and nct 127 image
san & jaehyun
4. top biases
ten, nct, and wayv image exo, kai, and jongin image astro, kpop, and cha eun woo image bts, taehyung, and v image stray kids image idol, jackson, and kpop image
ten, kai, eunwoo, v, felix, jackson
5. favorite maknaes
eric, hq, and the boyz image SHINee, Taemin, and kpop image stray kids, jeongin, and i.n image edit, icon, and astro image
eric, taemin, jeongin, sanha
6. favorite leaders
taeyong, nct, and nct 127 image ateez, kpop, and hongjoong image wayv, kun, and kpop image got7, JB, and kpop image
taeyong, hongjoong, kun, jay b
7. favorite vocalists
ateez, jongho, and kpop image icons, kpop, and kihyun image doyoung, nct, and nct 127 image asian, korean, and nct image aesthetic, Chen, and exo image bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image
jongho, kihyun, doyoung, taeil, chen, jungkook
8. favorite dancers
Image by Caroles eunhyuk, super junior, and donghae image astro, rocky, and kpop image exo, kai, and kpop image ten and ♡nct♡ image kpop, smile, and wallpaper image
taemin, eunhyuk, rocky, kai, ten, j-hope
9. favorite rappers
taeyong, nct, and nct 127 image Image by 𝘧𝘭𝘰 ateez, hongjoong, and kim hongjoong image astro and jinjin image mark, mark lee, and nct image stray kids, han, and jisung image
taeyong, rm, hongjoong, jinjin, mark, han
10. favorite MVs
gif, jaehyun, and kpop image
gif, wonderland, and mv image
daesung, g-dragon, and kpop image
kick it, wonderland, bad boy, thunderous
11. favorite choreographies
boys, dance, and fire image
gif, k-pop, and cherry bomb image
Chen, gif, and xiumin image
inception, cherry bomb, the eve
12. favorite performances
gif, jin, and bts image
Chen, gif, and xiumin image
gif, jin, and j-hope image
fake love, love shot, blood sweat & tears
13. favorite comebacks
background, black, and Ikon image deja vu, genie, and ateez image
love scenario (ikon) & deja vu (ateez)
14. favorite debut
gif, lucas, and Taemin image gif, lucas, and Taemin image
jopping - superm
15. favorite hair color your ult bias had
san, ateez, and choi san image jaehyun, nct, and jung yoon oh image
they both look so good in black i can't even
16. favorite lightsticks
dino, DK, and vernon image exo, SHINee, and lightstick image aesthetic, kpop, and stuff image kpop, momo, and twice image
seventeen, shinee, ateez, twice
17. what do you love most about kpop?
asian, fashion, and gif image
the performances, MVs, choreographies and the hard work idols put into everything

✦ songs

1. first k-pop song you ever listened to
seoul, korea, and city image asia, korea, and night image
probably 'gangnam style' by psy
2. a song you relate to lyrically
anti romantic - txt
k-pop, kpop, and kai image txt, kpop, and taehyun image
"sorry I’m an anti-romantic, I want to run far away"
3. a song that makes you happy
bts, namjoon, and seokjin image bts, jimin, and jungkook image
dynamite - bts
4. a song you listen to when you're sad
ateez, jung wooyoung, and choi san image kpop and ateez image
not too late - ateez
5. a song that reminds you of someone
aesthetic, aesthetics, and edit image stray kids, lee know, and Minho image
silent cry - stray kids
6. a song from your ult boy group
san, wooyoung, and yunho image san, choi san, and ateez image
illusion - ateez
7. a song from your ult girl group
red velvet, bad boy, and seulgi image red velvet, seulgi, and kpop image
bad boy & psycho - red velvet
8. a song by your favorite soloist
dean, kpop, and korean image dean, kpop, and korean image
d (half moon) - dean
9. favorite song (as of now)
lemonade - nct 127
johnny, kpop, and ten image johnny, ncit, and kpop image
still can't get over jaehyun's 'lemonade'
10. favorite collab
music and pentatonix image ateez, san, and wooyoung image
a little space - pentatonix & ateez
11. favorite OST
beautiful, Queen, and kim soo hyun image goblin and kdrama image
it's okay to not be okay, goblin
12. favorite idol who starred in a kdrama
actor, korean, and photoshoot image cross, ho, and kpop image sungjae, btob, and kpop image 2PM, ok taecyeon, and taecyeon image
im si wan, shin won ho, sungjae, taecyeon
13. favorite cover
jaehyun, nct, and kpop image boyfriend, material, and jaehyun image
i like me better - jaehyun
14. a song you think everyone should listen to
bambam and got7 image bts, jungkook, and suga image
if you do - got7 // serendipity - bts
15. a song you like with a color in the title
kpop, astro, and blue flame image aesthetic, header, and kpop image
blue flame - astro
16. a song you like with a number in the title
kpop, mark, and jaemin image wallpaper, nct, and nct dream image
119 - nct dream
17. songs that remind you of seasons
aesthetic, water, and theme image christmas, snow, and winter image
summer: wave - ateez // winter: rain to be - onewe
18. a song you never get tired of
aesthetic, edit, and icons image juyeon, hyunjae, and sunwoo image
reveal - the boyz
19. a song that makes you dance immediately
super junior, yesung, and suju image g-dragon and bigbang image
sorry sorry - super junior // fantastic baby - bigbang
20. a song you recommend
aesthetic, korean, and sf9 image 90s, gif, and aesthetic image
o sole mio - sf9
21. an old song you like
snsd, tiffany, and sooyoung image Jonghyun, Taemin, and jinki image
gee - girls' generation // ring ding dong - shinee
22. a song by a unit you love
gif, jaehyun, and nct image ten, taeyong, and nct u image
make a wish & baby don't stop - nct u
23. a song you discovered this month
cix, kpop, and jinyoung image twice, nayeon, and kpop image
wave - cix // likey - twice
24. favorite song to drive to
aesthetic, Blueprint, and JYP image txt, taehyun, and soobin image
the view - stray kids // run away - txt
25. favorite song you know all the lyrics of
winwin, wayv, and nct image lucas, winwin, and wayv image
love talk - wayv
26. favorite song to listen to at 3 am
icon, kpop, and aesthetic image aesthetic, edit, and exo image
un village - baekhyun // mmmh - kai
27. a song that means a lot to you
promise you - nct 127
johnny, mark, and winwin image jaehyun, nct, and nct 127 image
the lyrics are so sweet and meaningful <3
28. a song that is stuck in your head
jackson, got7, and jackson wang image aesthetic, jackson, and kpop image
papillon - jackson wang
29. a song that makes you calm
aesthetic, edit, and icon image kpop, pentagon, and wooseok image
always difficult always beautiful - wooseok
30. favorite song with a long title
kpop, txt, and soobin image aesthetic, icon, and kpop image
0X1 = love song (i know i love you) - txt

And that's it, hope you liked it! Now that you're here, why not check out my other articles? <3