Name: Pandora Juliette James
Nickname: Dora, Jamie, Panda, Annie
Age: season 2 - 27
Birthday: February 17th

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Looks: Auburn hair, brown eyes, freckles.
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Sexuality: Bisexual
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Job: 3rd grade ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher at Christopher's new school
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Aurora and Herbert James: Mom and dad; Aurora was a high school guidance counselor for 34 years before retiring and Herbert was a dentist for 40 years before retiring. They now live in South Carolina near Myrtle Beach.
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Bartholemew "Bart" James: Brother; Bart was born deaf and instead of forcing a cochlear implant on him, Aurora and Herbert learned sign (along with Pandora who grew up learning it) and integrated Bart into the deaf community. Bart now is attending a university for deaf students in D.C. and interning at the Washington Post to hopefully become a political columnist.

Best Friends

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Eddie and Christopher Diaz: Eddie met Pandora right when he moved to LA before starting in the LA Fire Academy, running into her with Christopher and everyone getting along amazingly. It came to a point where Christopher would ask about Pandora all the time, and on weekends when she wasn't working, she would watch Christopher for Eddie. Eddie and Pandora got really close and became best friends, that when Eddie's grandma fell and Christopher called 9-1-1, he also called Pandora and said he was going to the hospital with his grandma, but had to hand up after because the medics got there. So Pandora rushed to the hospital and got there right after Eddie and Buck, and she rushed to Christopher and hugged him tightly. After Eddie met Carla and they discussed maybe a new school for Christopher, Pandora mentioned the school she just started working at as an ESL teacher that would be perfect for Christopher, and Eddie (even though he was reluctant, agreed to give the school a look.
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Maddie Buckley: Maddie meets Pandora at a firehouse function, Buck introducing Maddie to her as Eddie's best friend. When Pandora found out that Maddie had just moved to LA, she immediately traded numbers with her just in case and told Maddie to call her if she needed anything. Slowly, Maddie and Pandora became really good friends, and through noticing behavior and picking up on things, Pandora figured out that Maddie had been abused in her marriage. Pandora off-handedly asked if Maddie wanted to join this self-defense/boxing class with her, and Maddie agreed. Eventually, Maddie confided in Pandora and she was extremely considerate. The two got closer and when Pandora started growing feelings for Buck, Maddie was so happy because she could see how happy Pandora made Bucky and how relaxed he was around her.


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Evan "Buck" Buckley: Buck met Pandora when he went to the hospital with Eddie to check in on Christopher, and thought that she was really pretty as she hugged Christopher and smiled as the boy talked. Eventually, Pandora came over to Eddie's aunt and Buck started speaking Spanish to her then turns to Buck and introduces herself. With Buck getting closer to Eddie and Christopher, he also gets closer to Pandora and the two of them become good friends. At this time Buck is still pretty hung up on Abby, and even though he is somewhat attracted to Pandora, they sticked to being friends, and became pretty close. When the tsunami hit, Buck was out with Christopher, and ran into Pandora who was showing her visiting brother Bart a fun time. When the wave hit; Buck, Christopher and Bart were separated from Pandora. Bart was understandably panicked, but in the time that Buck had known Pandora, he had started learning sign after she told him about her brother so he tried to get by with what he knew and Bart being able to read lips. When the second wave hit and Christopher was swept away, he ended up being found by Pandora who had been hobbling around with a pretty bad wound in her side and a concussion. At the end of the day when Chistopher was reunited with Eddie and Buck, Bart hugged Pandora so hard and told her how this was not how he thought he would spend his trip to LA. After, Buck (who had also been silently panicked about Pandora but didn't want to scare Christopher or make Bart panic more) gave her a huge hug which is when Pandora finally passed out from her injuries. It wasn't until a couple of weeks later when Pandora was out with Maddie and she had drunkingly confessed her feelings about Buck to his sister. She had also accidentally butt dialled him and left a message of her confession/conversation without even realizing it. Buck had heard the message and was planning on telling Pandora how he felt when the house went on a call. It was passing by Pandora's neighborhood when the firetruck exploded, catching Pandora's attention. She ran out of her apartment like many other worried onlookers and when she saw that it was the 118, Pandora ran to the scene just as Freddy, the serial bomber shows up. Pandora tries to run to Buck but is grazed by a bullet from the bomber, to show that he means business. Once everything is over, and Buck is saved and in the hospital, Pandora visits and says how worried she was for him. He says the same thing when he saw her at the scene, and especially when he thought she was shot. They finally confess to each other, and start dating shortly after. Throughout season 3, Pandora is with Buck every step of the way through his recovery, and Buck also helps Pandora though the nighmares and trauma of both the tsunami and the bombing/shooting. The two lean on each other through it all, but when Buck decides to sue the department, Pandora asks him to think about what he's doing because he might regret it. Buck gets upset that she isn't on his side, and Pandora (who had just moved in officially) says she's going to stay with Maddie until Buck can see a little clearer. Once Buck regains his senses, he and Pandora talk about everything, and Pandora recommends that he see someone so that all his feelings and anger don't drown him. When the Pandemic hits, Pandora and Buck had been living with each other for over a year, and Buck had planned on proposing but then they had to be separated because of Buck being a civil servant with the Fire Department and Pandora working with kids at her job as a ESL teacher. Once they finally were able to be in the same home together, Buck cooked a special meal for Pandora and afterwards asked her to marry him, to which she said yes! They start planning their wedding when Buck and Maddie's parents come to visit, and after that awful dinner when Buck left, Pandora stood up, thanked Chimney for the dinner, and said to the Buckleys that Buck never deserved what he went through growing up, and as his parents, the should have loved him and showed him that they loved him, so he never had to question it. After Maddie and Chimney's baby is born, Buck and Maddie have a small wedding with everyone from the 118, and since it was after the vaccine hit, Pandora's parents and Bart were allowed to fly over and go to the wedding. Pandora James became Pandora Buckley and the two lived together happily, maybe even had some kids along the way, and loved one another completely.
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Pandora's Instagram: Pandora_sGram

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