Hey everyone, I've been gone for a while from WHI but here I am again! So yeah, I'm still having online classes and maybe next year I will be finally able to see my college in person, I'm like so anxious and afraid because I never ever went or saw in person the city I'm going before so it's strange but still nice to have an experience like this.
I'm not sure why I'm writing this article, usually I think about a theme and write a draft before but today I just opened WHI and started writing hahaha I guess I just have a lot in my head and I need to express this somewhere.

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So, beside some family problems I've been having these last few weeks, college has been soooooooooooo stressful and like I'm keeping up with the activities and tests but still my head is hurting like crazy. I'm a psychology student and this semester I not really enjoying all of my classes, I know it's normal but makes me have no motivation:(
I tend to have more focus in subjects that seems interesting to me so it's really hard studying to the other ones, like philosophy last semester was okay for me, we were seeing about greek gods and Pythagoras but this semester omg I just can't pay attention for more that 10 minutes!! We're studying about Freud/psychoanalysis, it's not like boring but it just don't work on my head :((

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About group projects, it's so hard finding a time that everyone can meet! At least now I finally found people that are hardworkers, in the start of the year the groups were random/created by the teaches because no one knew each other and as was, and still is, online we couldn't really meet or talk, after a while they started letting us choose because we already had our experiences with other people.
I have other complains about other subjects but I think one of the most stressful things is realizing that I'll be finishing my first year of college with only online classes :/
Last but not least, I'm in my first year but my head starts spinning just thinking that one day I will have to choose an approach to work with, like I have an idea but it gives me shivers to think I might choose or do something wrong while working with it...

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And of course as I'm brazilian everyday the government gives me a new headache, I'm not even surprised by the news anymore.
Well, I guess that was it, my mind is less heavy now so it was a good idea to put my thoughts here! :) If something is bothering you, writing is a good option to understand better how you're feeling.
Thank you for reading until here! See you next time <3