1. Sabrina the Teenage Witch

I think everyone remembers the 1996 TV series, which tells the story of a girl named Sabrina, who became a witch on her 16th birthday. It's a comedy series, which I really liked. It creates an extraordinary atmosphere. If you want to feel the autumn vibe and light American TV, then I advise you to watch.
P.S. Silem alone is worth a look.

2. Hocus Pocus

According to legend, if an innocent girl lights a candle at the Sanderson sisters' house on Halloween night, the witches will rise from their graves and eat all the children in the city in order to become forever young themselves.
I like this movie. Quite gloomy, beautiful costumes of the actors, giving the impression of not the first freshness XD

3. Haunted mansion

The main character constantly spends time at work, so he rarely gets out somewhere with his wife and children. But immediately there was an offer for real estate! How can you refuse it? Together with the children, they decide to stop there, but the pouring rain forces them to spend the night with the strange owner of the Gracie estate and no less strange butler. The family now and then stumbles upon various oddities: magical balls, secret passages and spirits. In addition, the owner decides that the protagonist's wife is his bride, who died in the 19th century. And the main character, together with his children, are ready for anything to return his beloved.