Beauty and Self-Empowerment

In my childhood, I thought I was an angel fallen from heaven. In my dreams, I used to fly in the sky. The hard reality of life has changed many things. My inner beauty and outer beauty had changed.

However, now, I focus more on self-empowerment and transformational leadership. The teachings of Sri Guru Amit Ray on 114 chakras have given me many new perspectives. It has changed my life. I am now more mature and emotionally more stable. My thoughts are organized and positively motivated.

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Self-empowerment and the Ray 114 Chakras

The Zen Master Sri Guru Amit Ray Says:

"You can make your sweet dreams into a divine reality. When you adjust your 114 chakras, you will get your soul's symmetry, and orders in your thoughts."- Sri Amit Ray

There is a positive and special relationship between self-empowerment and transformational leadership.
Self-empowerment comes from self-awareness and the self-awareness comes from the Ray 114 Chakras meditations.

Self-awareness enables you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing which areas of yourself you need to improve and which strengths to increase can help you live the most fulfilling life possible.

Moreover, through Ray 114 chakras meditation you can increase your self-confidence. Self-confidence is another important aspect of beauty and self-empowerment. You will be able to accomplish your goals if you know you’re capable of accomplishing them.

Past mistakes

Being more aware of how to avoid my past mistakes helped me in every facet of my life, professional or personal.

Self empowerment and the Ray 114 Chakras meditations is what makes me all possible to overcome all the crisis of life. I love it.

The Ray 114 chakras meditations has increased my emotional intelligence, inner strength and resilience. Now, I see life from more positive angles.