Hi guys, for this article I wanted to write some motivational tips for September and fall in general, since September is a transitional month and this gave me different ideas about this topic !

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- Clean your room and house

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this is of course something that I do every week and you should too, but I wanted to incorporate it here because it is something very important to start a fresh new month and a different period of the year, with new priorities and things to do :)

- Clean your closet and declutter clothes

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this is so important as well because your closet is something that maybe you don't clean very often but it is super dirty and needs to ! so just remove everything and clean, and then also declutter old clothes that you don't wear anymore, deciding on which ones to donate or to give to some friends or try to sell !

- Declutter old stuff in the house

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Image by Jurnaldedesign
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as well as clothes, try to declutter anything else that you don't use or don't need anymore in your house; usually we're full of stuff that we don't need and we just keep it in our house because we think that we may need it in the future, but most of the time it is not like that ahah so just think about it and declutter this stuff, so you'll have a much clean house and you will find more space as well !

- Buy a planner

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I already wrote another article about stuff that you need in the house or at your office in order to work and study, so here it is if you're interested :

- Organize your work or study week

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once you buy a planner, you can start organize your life day by day! I personally buy for myself a week planner and I'm in love with it ! On the cover it says "stay focused" in a shiny silver color and the cover is white, light pink and light blue, it is super cute <3 I love to write down everything about my week, my appointments and there's also a to do list for things I have to do and I have to remember during the day and also another space called my plans where I can write other stuff I want to take notes of :)
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but yes, this is super useful and will save your life because you will remember about everything, it will help you always be on track and also it will feel very good when you complete all your tasks of the day and week and you'll feel free and accomplished <3

- Rearrange your house

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in September it is very good to rearrange your house a little bit ! you can make some change for example adding new furniture or just some little decor and objects around the house, for example new plants, new lamps, new paintings or pictures or candles and so on ! this is what really makes a cool house with its own style and personality :)

- Decorate your work or study space

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and of course, it is also super important to clean and decorate your work or study space, because that is a super used place in your house that always has to be perfect in order to achieve your work goals :)

- Find new movies and tv shows to watch

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for your free time, make sure to find new tv shows and movies to watch; because usually September is the month in which all the new seasons of the tv shows arrive ahah in fact I watched and loved LCDP5, but also other shows like Into the night, The world's most amazing vacation rentals, Outer Banks, Too hot to handle and so on !

- Try new recipes

this is something else that I'm passionate about, because I love food ! ahah and lately I've been loving to use Pinterest to find food inspo, but not just that actually also fashion inspo and so on. I think it is important to try different recipes to make and of course eat <3

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you can try to bake a pizza in your own oven
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you can make some gnammy chocolate desserts like cakes or cookies
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or you can try these super cute wraps

- Buy healthy food that you hardly ever eat

but most important about food, is to buy some healthy food especially if you don't use it a lot, because it is super good for you. So try as much as you can during September and the following fall months, to incorporate healthy good food in your diet, because nowadays there are some very delicious recipes online, so it is super easy to do that <3

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- Do yoga and stretching

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I love yoga even when I'm tired because it makes me feel more relaxed and stretches my muscle and I think that's why it would be amazing for everyone to incorporate it in a daily or weekly routine :)

- Have a workout routine

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there are many workout types so just try to find one that is good for you, your fitness dreams and your free time !

- Go for walks

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go walk or running if you didn't choose any other type of workout because you don't have much time or you want to save some money.. this is absolutely free and you will also have a chance to go outside in the nature or in the city centre and breath some air :)

- Go out with friends

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of course remember to socialize even during these crazy times that we're living in, because that key for a good mental health <3

- Watch the sunrise or sunset to be inspired

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just relaxing and good for inspiration as I said !

- Manicure and pedicure

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you can do something more particular or something fall related, or if you don't like that you can also do something very easy and simple !

- Do some masks, scrubs and body treatments

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this is stuff to make you feel better especially if you're having a difficult or bad day <3

- Read motivational books and quotes

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And so guys this is the end of the article and I hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think; next articles are coming soon so stay tuned for those and thank you for your support