Goa has no off-season…interesting isn’t it! You can visit Goa round the year. But, there are good reasons why you should plan your trip to Goa in Monsoon. Beaches are one of the first things that come to mind when we think about Goa. Imagine how captivating a sight it would be watching the beaches soaking in rain. The beauty of Goa gets better during the monsoon because as we know Goa is on the Konkan coast of India and it rains a lot over there.

The people who have not yet visited Goa in Monsoon consider it as the ‘off-season. But, if you really want to witness the great things it offers during this season, backpack and explores it. There is an infinite number of things to discover about this beautiful place in this season. Here are some top reasons to choose Goa vacation in Monsoon. Have a look over below to know this week’s top stories about reasons to choose Goa vacations in Monsoon.

Wildlife sanctuary
Although there is no specific time to visit the sanctuaries in Goa, it becomes more adventurous in Monsoon. Some well-known wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary to name a few. Some of these sanctuaries are home to a large number of Bengal tigers, very rare bird species, and many other attractive things. The reason why it’s recommended to visit these sanctuaries in Monsoon is, the nature looks prettier in the refreshing climate and lush greenery. Moreover, there are no worries of getting tired due to the heat experienced in summer.

Apart from this you if you’re lucky you will also spot rare bird species like Great Pied, Hornbill, Darter, and so many other species. You can also enjoy the hiking experience. Exploring Goan sanctuaries in this season is one of the classic adventures you’ll never forget.

The Dudhsagar Waterfalls
Settled at the top of a crescent-shaped valley, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is surrounded by lush pristine verdant forest. It has rich biodiversity which offers an unparalleled, magical and mesmerizing experience. The magnificent waterfall flowing effortlessly from a distance offers an enchanting view.

Though one can witness the miracles of nature at Dudhsagar Waterfalls, it is quite scary as well. But need not worry, every visitor is provided with a lifejacket which is mandatory to wear. Also, some other life-saving equipments are provided to the visitors. So, forget about the few scary moments and think about the abundance of scenic experiences it offers.

Spice Plantations
The Spice plantations are becoming quite popular in Goa. And, this time is best to visit the plantations as they come alive during this season. You can take a ride to it along the verdant valley and tropical forests which gives you a more pleasant experience. This is one of the offbeat things you can enjoy in your tour and hence making spice plantations popular places to visit in Goa in Monsoon.

Offering Best Place to Stay in Goa
Holidaymakers can enjoy the finest vacation and opt for a villa life as well. You can book a stay in the finest luxury villas in Goa. Goa has one of the best villas in India. The villas in Goa are contemporary villas, including Greek-style homes and stone mansions. Interestingly, if one wants to stay in Luxury villas in north Goa there are a number of them that offer luxury and a relaxing experience.

You can explore the best Villas in Goa as per your range and expectations. One of the best place to stay in Goa especially North Goa is Pruthvi Villa. The style of architecture and living experiences the villas offer is a phenomenon. It has infinite things to offer, spacious accommodation, privacy, exclusivity, additional perks, and so much more.